To make certain that Ryancare is DOA in the House, Republicans plan to Amend Healthcare Bill to Further Limit Medicaid

Republicans Amend Healthcare Bill to Further Limit Medicaid


H07 doctor

Top Republican lawmakers have announced a slew of amendments to the Republican healthcare plan ahead of the House vote Thursday. Many of the amendments were pushed by conservatives within the Republican Party. One amendment seeks to halt immediately the Medicaid expansion program. Another would allow states to make it harder for people to receive Medicaid by imposing requirements that able-bodied people have a job or participate in job training programs. A third amendment would allow states to choose to receive less federal funding for Medicaid.

AARP Opposes Healthcare Bill – AARP

Mar 7, 2017 – AARP opposes this legislation, as introduced, that would weaken Medicare, leaving the door open to a voucher program that shifts costs and …

How Ryancare ‘Age Tax’ Punishes Older Americans – Forbes

5 days ago – Ryancare, the GOP “repeal-and-replace” Obamacare plan, is a tax … The AARP, which opposes the bill, calls this bait-and-switch an “age tax.”.

A Running List of People Who Hate Trumpcare | Mother Jones

Mar 8, 2017 – Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.) came out against the bill. “After reviewing this legislation ….AARP Advocates (@AARPadvocates) March 6, 2017 …

Is the Republican health plan designed to fail? – Vox

Mar 10, 2017 – … intellectual apparatus is overwhelmingly against Ryancare — when … Association,AARP, and a host of others have come out against the bill.


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