Benefits of Including Women in Ceasefire Agreements

The Moment That Changed Her Life

Stella Sabiiti was a university student in 1976—newly married, with a baby on the way—when soldiers of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin kidnapped her from her dorm room. They tortured her for hours, accusing her of crimes she had not committed. She thought she was going to die.

But instead, she looked the soldiers in the eye and asked them one simple question.

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Benefits of Including Women in Ceasefire Agreements

While the idea of including women and civil society in peace agreements is gaining traction, there is one consistent exception: ceasefires. This publication analyzes case studies from South Sudan and Myanmar to outline the benefits of women’s inclusion in ceasefire agreements.

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  • Allison Muehlenbeck led a capacity-building workshop for seven N-Peace awardees, along with UN Development Programme staff, past winners, and civil society participants at the annual N-Peace Awards in Bangkok. Over five days, attendees learned the qualities of transformational leaders and refined their problem analysis, audience mapping, and media skills.
  • Brazil launched its first national action plan (NAP) on women, peace, and security. Miki Jacevic worked with Renata Giannini of Instituto Igarapé and our Brazilian Network member Pérola Abreu Pereira, and participated in a workshop last year that contributed to the development of the plan. The NAP is available in Portuguese here.
  • Angelic Young led a national action plan workshop for approximately 20 civil society leaders in Istanbul, Turkey.


Women Key to Countering Terrorism

Analysts from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) argue that, instead of banning refugees, President Trump should rely on the inclusion of women to strategically increase America’s security. Women are well-positioned to see early signs of radicalization, are more likely than men to be early victims of extremism, and are often able to mitigate radicalization.

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Our Founder, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, recently reflected on CFR’s increasing attention to inclusive security. Read more »

The Role of Women in The Fight Against Boko Haram

A member of our Women Waging Peace Network, Idayat Hassan, contends that Nigerian women have been ignored in efforts to counter Boko Haram. In this piece for Insight on Conflict, she offers concrete recommendations for local, state, and international actors to increase women’s inclusion.

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