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Justin Trudeau’s Night Out With Ivanka Trump Carries an Important Message

By Meghan Werft| March 16, 2017

Actions speak louder than words, right?

Last night, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a really clear message when he took Ivanka Trump, US President Donald Trump’s daughter, to a see a Broadway show in New York City about welcoming foreigners with open arms.

The show, “Come From Away,” is a Canadian-made Broadway musical that tells the story of a time when 7,000 people landed in Newfoundland, after their planes were ordered to land amid the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It was originally created to “articulate the compassion and kindness Newfoundlanders showed to strangers from all over the globe during,” according to one review.

Trudeau gave a speech prior to the show addressing the importance of welcoming others.

“The world gets to see what it is to lean on each other and be there for each other through the darkest times,” he said.

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Trudeau also shared his hope for a strong friendship between the US and Canada according to the New York Times.

“There is no relationship quite like the friendship between Canada and the United States,” he said. “This story, this amazing show, is very much about that, and it’s about friendship as well.”

The show carries a message about the importance of welcoming from other places with open arms, said Dominic Mishio, who heads up Global Citizen’s Canada office and attended the show.

Trudeau’s message and that of the show come at a time where tensions and closed doors are creeping into policy in the US.

Last night, however, Trudeau used his and Ivanka’s star power to highlight the importance of having an welcoming attitude toward those in need.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Justin Trudeau brings Ivanka Trump to Broadway show that celebrates generosity toward foreigners in need. 

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“If only Donald Trump could see this play, maybe he would change his tune about the borders,” said American producer Mark Burg.

Let’s hope Ivanka tells her dad about her night out on the town with Trudeau. And as Canada continues, like it did for Americans in 2001, to welcome outsiders, maybe US leaders will listen and open their hearts as Newfoundland did.


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