Sexual predators, Fox News, the toxic effects of racism and sexism, & Trump reveals Breitbart for what it is

Media Matters for America - Take Action

Bill O’Reilly is a sexual predator and Fox News must fire him, the toxic effects of racism and sexism, Trump reveals Breitbart for what it is, and more …


Beyond the notable Media Matters work below, here are some other things I’ve read this week: Hannah Gais on how a favorite author of white supremacists is trying to retain credibility, Megan Black on the Interior Department working for corporations, Christian Parenti and James Davis on how to fight back against right-wing reactionaries, and Barton Gellman on the possibility that Trump’s White House is spying on the FBI.

John Whitehouse

Bill O'Reilly

Fox News must fire sexual predator Bill O’Reilly

After Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stood up to Donald Trump on the floor of Congress, Bill O’Reilly responded with a racist attack on Waters. He followed that with a sham apology and a textbook racist dogwhistle. And we now know that Fox News has settled numerous harassment suits against Bill O’Reilly. What will it take for Fox News to fire Bill O’Reilly?

Rep. Maxine Waters The toxic effects of racism and sexismRight-wing radio host Michael Savage (who has partied with Trump at Mar-a-Lago) demanded that Rep. Waters be arrested and tried for sedition. White House press secretary Sean Spicer also lashed out at veteran reporter April Ryan. Incidents like these and O’Reilly’s disgusting remarks inadvertantly triggered an overdue discussion of the obstacles that women of color face in the workplace. Rep. Waters herself spoke up with powerful remarks that everyone should watch.
Mike Cernovich What 60 Minutes MissedThe “alt-right” has used fake news as a tool of harassment. So when 60 Minutes did a segment on fake news and interviewed “alt-right” figure Mike Cernovich, it was disappointing to see them leave out details of his harassment and misogyny.

Trump accidentally reveals Breitbart for what it is

Breitbart was denied permanent Senate press credentials, due to the website’s inability to prove editorial independence from Trump’s White House. That concern was validated when Trump shortly thereafter tweeted about a segment on Fox & Friends that featured a Breitbart editor and research that was overseen by current Trump chief strategist and former Breitbart chief Stephen Bannon.

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Journalism professor Jason Johnson shut down a conservative’s defense of Sean Spicer: “You don’t get to tell other people what racism is.”

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Republicans in Congress recently voted to allow internet service providers to sell consumers’ data. Trump ally Alex Jones is blatantly lying about what they did:


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