Disgusting coverage of war from American media, sexual harassment at Fox News under the microscope, why media should talk to activists, and more


Beyond the notable Media Matters work below, here are some other things I’ve read this week: Susmita Baral on the gender pay gap at Google, Will Oremus on the failing public editor at The New York Times, Nikil Saval on the deeply flawed “debate” America has about using military force, and Anne Branigin on how a trans activist is fighting back in Texas.

John Whitehouse


CNN’s ridiculously awful MOAB coverage

All too many mainstream media figures rallied behindTrump’s missile strikes in Syria and bombs in Afghanistan. Some even had ulterior motives. AWashington Post writer who praised the strikes is also a lobbyist for the Tomahawk missile manufacturer. And a retired general on Fox News who also lauded the strikes is on the board of a defense contractor that develops software that launches the missiles. The problem isn’t isolated to a few talking heads either. After Trump dropped the so-called “Mother of all bombs” (MOAB) in Afghanistan, CNN spent nearly 60 minutes over a six hour period playing test footage of the MOAB from 2003. The terrible coverage of Syria is only encouragingavid cable news watcher Trump to ratchet up tensions with North Korea. And at a time when we need clear thinking and criticism, The New York Times instead hired a warmongering misinformer from The Wall Street Journal as its newest columnist.

Fox & Friends Fox News absurd pro-war segmentRight-wing warmongering was even more disgusting. Fox News made footage of the MOAB into a music video of sorts, with one host proclaiming “that’s what freedom looks like!” Geraldo Rivera added that watching bombs drop is one of his favorite things to do at Fox News. Alex Jones said that he’s consulting with the White House on Trump’s Syria policy, while simultaneously helping spread pro-Assad propaganda.
Bill O'Reilly Rampant sexual harassment at Fox NewsAs soon as Bill O’Reilly announced he was leaving on a two-week vacation, word broke that the CEO of Fox News parent company wanted him off the air permanently. Amidst the reporting about Fox’s sexual harassment settlements concerning O’Reilly’s behavior and the ensuing advertiser boycott, Rupert Murdoch’s tone deaf memo to Fox News will only cause panic. It’s clear that Murdoch letting this culture fester is a key reason things have gotten to this point, and as Murdoch tries to expand his empire, that culture is going to get a close examination.

Thousands march demanding Trump’s tax returns

Between the women’s march, rallies against Trump’s Muslim ban, the upcoming climate march, and yesterday’s Tax Day march, activists are standing up to the Trump administration in record numbers. And yet, you rarely see elite media engage with activists — instead it’s the same old pundits, who are usually old white guys. The reality is that activists set the agenda for the country as much as an politician, so media have an obligation to engage with them. That’s one reason it was nice to see Tax Day activist Heather McGhee interviewed on the Sunday shows this week, where she made clear that protestors were demanding answersabout what Trump is hiding in his tax returns.


Featured Video

After days of media figures gushing over Trump’s warmongering, Dan Rather had enough, condemning the media for calling Trump “presidential” for dropping bombs on a foreign country: http://mm4a.org/2pq9hmV

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Bill O’Reilly’s accounting firm ran a glowing advertisement for him in the Hollywood Reporter. We annotated it to be factual. Take a look for yourself: http://mm4a.org/2nKqWbN


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