This Earth Day was just a Beginning


This is a time to stand up and take bold action – and that’s exactly what the American people are doing.

On Saturday, thousands of Americans took the streets for the March for Science, standing up for our way of life and sending a strong message to Donald Trump: the truth will not be silenced. This past weekend also concluded the April Recess, where thousands of Americans held their legislators accountable at town hall meetings across the country.

This April has been monumental — but it’s not over yet. On Saturday, April 29, the Peoples Climate March will take place in Washington, DC and cities around the country. Join me in DC or find an event near you.

One thing is clear — the American people are energized. Whether gathering in a packed auditorium for a town hall or holding a rally in front of your city hall, you are making your voice heard.
Dan Nowicki @dannowicki Sen. @JeffFlake, and other Republicans are on notice: The Left is on fire.

Tom Steyer @TomSteyer 'Today we march to defend science, health, and American prosperity. Happy #EarthDay!

Daily Kos ‏@dailykos March for Science draws tens of thousands in rallies across U.S.—and the world

ThinkProgress @thinkprogress Scientists leave their labs to denounce Trump’s resistance to science-based facts

March for Science ‏@SceinceMarchDC The world has spoken!#MarchForScience

Planned Parenthood ‏@PPact Here's why the war on science is also a war on #reprorights. #MarchForScience

The American majority keeps proving that it’s a force to be reckoned with. Keep fighting back: Find a march or town hall event near you.

Thanks for speaking up,

Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate


About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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15 Responses to This Earth Day was just a Beginning

  1. That is a great sign people are standing up and talking about the issue which may be the greatest question ever for the existence of mankind

  2. eslkevin says:

    Dear Kevin,

    While a lot has changed since the last Earth Day, one thing hasn’t: Earthjustice’s commitment to protect our public lands, our wildlife, and our communities. Last year at this time we were celebrating the historic moment where the United States came together with 150 countries and committed to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, to help fend off the most devastating impacts of climate change.

    Today, we have a President who is threatening to remove the United States from the historic Paris agreement and an EPA administrator who actively denies the science of climate change.

    No one voted for dirty water, smog or pollution. At Earthjustice we have the top environmental lawyers in the country who are continuing to do what they do best, use the power of the law for good. We know that for so many of the challenges we’re facing, the courts are the last line of defense. Here are some of the ways we’re in court working to protect you and your family:

    When the Trump administration opened up our public lands to the coal industry, we were there, ready to fight back. We filed a lawsuit challenging Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s decision to lift this coal leasing moratorium because this giveaway to fossil fuel executives will poison our air, water and threatens our future.

    Despite the Environmental Protection Agency’s own findings that chlorpyrifos is unsafe in food, drinking water, and pesticide drift, the EPA refused to ban the use of this pesticide. Earthjustice attorneys are fighting back and asking the court to protect children by ordering the EPA to act now.

    The Clean Power Plan is a vital, common-sense safeguard. It sets the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution from existing fossil-fuel-fired electric power plants. President Trump has taken aim at the CPP urging the EPA to consider suspending, revising, or rescinding it. We’re working tirelessly to defend it.

    What gives my colleagues and me hope as we take on these cases, is knowing that we have people like you fighting alongside us. From calling your representatives, to showing up for marches around the country, to chipping in even $5 to help us take on these emergency legal battles—you are helping us take on the threats ahead.

    Thank you for your support,

    Trip Van Noppen

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