The Right Way to Learn the Chinese Language

Chinese Characters Decomposition

It is an all-known problem of the Chinese language – how to memorize the Chinese characters more efficiently. Memorizing the Chinese characters plays an important role in learning this language.

I am sure it is only the analytical approach that helps you effectively to do it. The method is as clear as a day – just remember 214 basic Chinese radicals!

You should understand how to decompose (breakdown, analyze) each Chinese character. Decomposition of the Chinese characters is the key to understanding the Chinese language!

All Chinese textbooks by Polina Shinkina are based on this very method! Each lesson in them contains the Decomposition Guidance on all the Chinese characters given in the texts.

Moreover, Polina Shinkina has published the unique Chinese Characters Decomposition Guidance of the basic 1000 Chinese characters!

Decomposition of the Chinese Character 三 sān ‘three’

三 sān three

一 yī one

二 èr two

Synonyms: Structural…

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