Crammed together, mishandled and eaten

World Animal Protection E-News
April 2017

Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter (CTC) in the Cayman Islands is the only attraction in the world where tourists can handle farmed sea turtles.

Conditions at CTC make it impossible for turtles to express natural behavior.

Sea turtles farmed at the venue cannot enjoy the freedom they would in the wild. Instead, they are subjected to unfit living conditions, and exploited in the name of tourist entertainment.

CTC heavily relies on cruise ships for customers. More than 200,00 people visit the attraction each year, and around three quarters are cruise passengers.

Around 20% of the world’s cruise passengers travel on Carnival Cruise Lines ships. Carnival is incredibly influential and must lead by example.

Other tourism industry leaders such as Thomas Cook have listened to our supporters and made changes to their businesses to better protect wildlife. It’s time Carnival Cruise Lines helped move the world to protect animals too.

Tiger petition presented
to Thai authorities

After collecting 200,000 signatures, we presented a petition to put a stop to the ‘new Tiger Temple.’
Read more.

Bear bile farming could end
in South Korea

Landmark steps have been taken to end the use of bears in traditional medicine in the country. Learn more here.

Major travel company halts
ticket sales to cruel venues

Thomas Cook drops a host of cruel animal attractions, helping to protect wild animals from exploitation.
Full story here.

Purchase a stylish vegan scarf
and support our work

The scarves feature an elephant design and a percentage of net proceeds will go towards our work to protect animals around the world.
Shop now!

We are World Animal Protection
We end the needless suffering of animals
We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
We help the world see how important animals are to all of us
We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better
We move the world to protect animals

We were known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

World animal protection


This message was sent by World Animal Protection
450 Seventh Avenue, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10123


About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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