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Headlines May  2017

Millions Take to the Street Worldwide for International Workers’ Day

MAY 02, 2017

H01 may day

Around the world, millions of workers took to the streets Monday for May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day. May Day protests were held worldwide, including in France, Kenya, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia and in Turkey, where more than 70 people were arrested in Istanbul. In California, tens of thousands of people marched in the Bay Area, as immigrant workers refused to go to work and students walked out of class.

Milwaukee: 30,000+ March on May Day to Demand Firing of Sheriff Clarke

MAY 02, 2017

H02 clarke protest v2

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, more than 30,000 people marched to demand the governor fire Milwaukee County Sheriff Dave Clarke, block anti-immigrant legislation and return driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. At least 140 businesses were shut down across Milwaukee.

Texas: 2 Dozen Arrested in May Day Sit-in at Gov.’s Office to Protest SB 4

MAY 02, 2017

H03 sit in

In Texas, two dozen people were arrested, including Austin City Councilmember Gregorio Casar, after an 8-hour sit-in at the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in protest of anti-immigrant bill SB 4. This is Julie Ann Nitsch.

Julie Ann Nitsch: “I’m a fifth generation Texan, and my family has served this country for a very long time. We didn’t serve and we didn’t come to this country to flee persecution so that we could live in a country where people are stopped, detained and abused because of the color of their skin. SB 4 is disgusting. It’s racist. All law enforcement officers are against it. The only reason why these politicians are pushing it is so that they can get money from a fringe and racist constituency. And they have to be stopped.”

In many cities and rural areas, some immigrants launched a one-day work strike, including in Homestead, Florida, where farm workers refused to work and instead marched to City Hall. Monday’s immigrant-led protests came as newly released data from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency, known as ICE, shows nearly half of the 675 immigrants arrested in ICE raids in February had either low-level driving convictions or no criminal record at all.

Portland, Oregon: 25 Arrested in May Day Clashes

MAY 02, 2017

H04 portland may day

In Portland, Oregon, police arrested at least 25 protesters on Monday, as some demonstrators hurled paint and Pepsi cans at the police. The soda cans were a reference to a Pepsi ad, featuring Kendall Jenner, in which she’s portrayed as a hero after defusing tensions between protesters and police by offering a cop a can of Pepsi.

Puerto Rico: Thousands Block Traffic and March Against Austerity on May Day

MAY 02, 2017

H05 puerto rico may day

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, thousands of protesters blocked traffic and marched downtown to protest austerity measures imposed by the federal fiscal control board.

Pedro J. Irene Maymí: “We are repudiating the measures taken by the government of Puerto Rico and the federal fiscal control board against the workers and those measures they hope to take against workers and the rest of the country.”

We’ll have more voices from the May Day protests in the streets of New York City after headlines.


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