Two Lower Back Trigger Points that are usually Ignored

There’s a couple of trigger points that cause lower back pain that are often missed.

And even if you have a primary cause like arthritis or a disc problem, it’s worth looking for these triggers.

This is because lower back pain switches on the muscles in the sore area. They go into ‘protect mode’ and this causes trigger points. When you treat them, it can be surprising how much easier and more comfortable your back feels.

The first muscle to look at for lower back pain is called the Quadratus Lumborum. It’s sometimes missed because it’s further from the central spine than the more common Erector Spinae muscles.

It causes a deep ache, and stiffness in the lower back.

Another unusual muscle is actually in your abdomen. It’s called the Rectus Abdominis – but you probably know it as your 6-pack, or ‘abs.’ (Or in Arnie’s case, ‘abs of steel.’)

While this muscle mostly causes pain in your abs, there’s one trigger point that refers pain to your lower back. It’s really unusual for someone to think of looking for triggers here – unless they have inside information.

How can you treat muscles like the Quadratus Lumborum, that lie deep in your back? Well, there’s two options.

You can use a tool like a Theracane (about $30 on Or you can use a home made alternative, that’s about $3, and combine it with your favourite sock…

You’ll get the full scope on how to treat all the lower back muscles in the Trigger Course, as well as the stretches and other techniques you can use to make the treatment more effective, and much longer lasting.

– Jonathan



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