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Kevin —

Last week, our Coffee Break Memo explained how the Coffee Party USA Newsroom operates. This week, we thought you might want to meet our Join the Coffee Party Movement Newsroom Team:


Charlotte Vaughan Coyle serves as the Work Group Chair for the JTCPM Facebook Team. Her personal blog explores intersections between faith, culture and politics and she often offers this perspective to the Coffee Party page. She is a retired minister living in small town East Texas and secretary of Coffee Party USA.


Egberto Willies serves on the Coffee Party Board of Directors as liaison to the JTCPM Facebook page. His personal blog operates with the understanding that “political involvement should be a requirement for citizenship.” His radio show, Politics Done Right, is broadcast from radio station KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, Texas and on Facebook LIVE. It is also offered as one of our Coffee Party radio shows. He also serves on the board of Indivisible Houston.

Debilyn Molineaux is a transformation partner, located in Portland, OR. She works with visionaries and movements in support of a new national and global social contract focused on personal dignity and sovereignty. Her work highlights the relationships between individuals, institutions and governments for conscious transformation. She is the Managing Partner for Living Room Conversations, current President of Coffee Party USA and Co-Director for Bridge Alliance, representing micro to macro to system approaches.

Bobby Rodrigo serves on the Board as Director of Internet Infrastructure and Director of Security and coordinates Coffee Party Radio Shows. He is a full time advocate/activist/legal professional and has been for many years. He has a wide range of interests. “I Take Liberty with My Coffee” is the name of his personal blog and his weekly radio show. Bobby is Legal and Operations Director for Tax Revolution Institute Inc., Holds Press Credentials from The Atlanta Press Club, Native American Journalists Association, Online News Association, Society of Professional Journalists, Radio Television Digital News Association, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, National Association of Black Journalists, and the National Press Photographers Association.Member, Advocate, and Adviser for United Coalition of Cannabis Activists, Peachtree NORML, Human Solution International andColorado NORML. He also writes for many media outlets including The Fifth Column, and Anti-Media. He is a long-time business owner and holds degrees in Business Law and Paralegal Studies. Bobby is also a veteran and a single parent. Bobby is also involved in two new projects called “Behind the Smoke” and “The Best Interests of the Child”.  More announcements on those projects will be coming very soon.Bobby is anti-partisan and would like to walk in a voting booth and not see a party affiliation next to any candidate’s name. He also believes in open ballot access for any candidate and party as well as independents.

Jeanene Louden divides her time between the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. She serves as the Coffee Party Vice President and Director of Membership Administration.  She  has been helping shape this grassroots movement since its earliest days and was called to activism by Dr. King and the civil rights movement in the 60s. Her personal mission is to support citizen participation by helping others connect the dots between political mischief and money in politics. J’nene hosts one of our excellent Coffee Party radio shows, Lunch with Louden.


Mark Gilbert is from Denver. His personal blog, Conscious Bridge, emerges from his experience as an activist, minister and author. His writings seek to integrate concepts from science, philosophy, politics and spirituality.

Vince Lamb serves on the Board and oversees the partnerships that Coffee Party forges with various other activist organizations. He is a professor of biology and geology at a Michigan community college and a passionate environmental activist.  His personal blog reflects his interests in science, technology, environment, politics, science fiction, and music.

Elisabeth Parker

serves as Volunteer Coordinator for the JTCPM Editors Newsroom and we were proud that she was chosen as Volunteer of the Month last year. Her personal blog is distributed on several popular activist websites and her writing gets quite a bit of attention on several news outlets. Elisabeth currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.



Austin Wykes received his degree in Political Science and has been volunteering with Coffee Party since 2015. Austin also took a turn as Coffee Party’s Volunteer of the Month recently. Besides contributing articles of interest to JTCPM, Austin also contributes to The Mighty. His areas of interest include civil rights, human rights and politics.

Marianne Castiglia was hailed as Volunteer of the Month while she was serving as Work Group Chair in the Newsroom. She has been contributing environmental articles to the JTCPM Facebook page from her home in Central Florida.


Amy Harth works as an Academic Support Specialist atDeVry University in Overland Park KS while pursuing her PhD in African Studies.


Victoria Olson raised in NYC, lived in Chicago for many years, now hails from southwest Florida, where she enjoys retirement, and stays busy online as senior admin of a large Rachel Maddow Fans FB group. Victoria recently retired from a 30+ year career as a computer network administrator and certified project manager, as both an employee and consultant with her own firm. She’s been involved in activism since the mid-1960s for civil, human and women’s rights, peace, and the environment.


Sean Conners is a long time activist and blogger who helped create the news site American News Xand now works as their Managing Editor.  He lives in Delaware.


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact Charlotte Coyle, Newsroom Work Group Chair.


Thanks for being a part of Coffee Party USA!


P.S. Become a contributing Coffee Party member by signing up here.

P.P.S.S Become a volunteer and learn more about our several Work Groups here.

Coffee Party USA


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