Rwandan Women Rising

8 Rwandan Women Rising

In the spring of 1994, the tiny African nation of Rwanda was ripped apart by a genocide that left nearly a million dead. After the violence subsided, Rwanda’s women—drawn by the necessity of protecting their families—carved out unlikely new roles for themselves, creating stability and reconciliation in devastation’s wake.

Today, Inclusive Security Founder and Chair Swanee Hunt is launching her new book, Rwandan Women Rising, published by Duke University Press. It tells the stories of more than 80 women who worked for peace after the genocide.

Here are eight of these extraordinary people. You can read their full stories (and dozens more) in Rwandan Women Rising.

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Watch the Book Launch [Live OR Live Stream]

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

7:00 p.m. (EDT)
Cambridge Forum
Cambridge, MA

Women saved Rwanda after genocide, creating a model for lasting security in countries worldwide. How they did it, and the difference they’ve made, holds lessons for the US and countries around the world.

Swanee will be joined by one of these women, genocide survivor Chantal Kayitesi, at the Cambridge Forum on June 13.

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Based on interviews with more than 80 women, the book tells the story of how Rwandan women saved their nation after a genocide.

“Ambassador Hunt draws on her extensive research and experience to provide a thoughtful analysis of women’s roles in conflict and reconciliation, with lessons well beyond Rwanda.”
Princeton Lyman, Senior Advisor to the President of the USIP

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