Best Practices for Congressional Investigations

When it comes to Congressional committees tasked to perform major federal-level investigations, success is dependent on many factors.
James Comey hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee(ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Best Practices for Congressional Investigations

A breaking national scandal often results in a call for an independent investigation to understand the situation and the ramifications for the country.

When it comes to Congressional committees tasked to perform major federal-level investigations, success is dependent on many factors.

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Trump Administration CabinetTrump’s Ethics Pledge Is Paper-Thin

The full picture of potential conflicts of interest in the administration is far from clear due to vague definitions, loopholes, and decades-old systemic weaknesses in the federal government’s ethics system, according to POGO’s investigation.

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White House waiversMore Trump Appointees Get Waived Past Ethics Pledge

The Office of Government Ethics posted waivers to the ethics pledge for 10 Trump appointees after demanding them from federal agencies.

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WhistleblowerConsiderations for Working with Whistleblowers in a Technological Age

The prosecution of NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner and how the Department of Justice identified her as the alleged source provide a number of lessons for sources and journalists who seek to anonymously disclose information.

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KGL Logistics Contractor with Iranian RialsThe US Military’s Iran Connection?

A new POGO investigation details troubling allegations that the chairman of a huge logistics contractor supporting the U.S. military in the Middle East has been involved in illicit money laundering and defrauding investors.

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U.S. CapitolTake Action: Strengthen Foreign Lobbying Laws

It’s clear that the public needs to know more about how foreign powers work behind the scenes to influence US policies. Contact your representative to make reforming foreign lobbying laws a priority.

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POGO in the News

The New York Times

Lobbyists, Industry Lawyers Were Granted Ethics Waivers to Work in Trump Administration

“Filling the administration with lobbyists and industry officials isn’t going to drain anything but taxpayers’ patience,” said Scott H. Amey, general counsel at the Project on Government Oversight, which requested copies of any waivers or recusals from 54 federal agencies, echoing the requests submitted by the Office of Government Ethics.


The Wall Street Journal

Where Have All the Inspectors General Gone?

According to the Project on Government Oversight, the Interior Department has been without a permanent inspector general since Feb. 23, 2009. The vacancy at the CIA dates to Jan. 31, 2015.



Podcast: How the Pentagon’s wasteful budget hurts the military

Dan Grazier, former Marine Corps captain and Jack Shanahan Fellow at the Project On Government Oversight, talks about bloated budgets and blank checks hurt military readiness on Reuters’ War College podcast.


New Republic

Trump’s War on Oversight

“A dedicated and independent inspector general is an invaluable resource not only for the agency it serves or the Congress it reports to, but for the American people,” says Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, a nonprofit watchdog organization. “Often the unsung heroes, IGs are essential to a well-functioning federal government.”


Roll Call

The Levin Legacy: Next-Gen Congressional Oversight

“A lot of the oversight is done by unsung heroes,” said Justin Rood, who leads the Congressional Oversight Initiative at the Project on Government Oversight, or POGO.


Government Executive

Democratic Lawmakers Protest Trump Telling Agencies to Ignore Their Requests

The nonprofit Project on Government Oversight, which analyzed the Justice memo in a Friday blogpost, noted that both parties have invoked such Justice Department guidance going back to 1984.


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