Lawmakers Suspect Illegality in Privatized Tax Collection Program & Ford-class Carriers Need Independent Cost Estimates


U.S.S. Ford

GAO: Ford-class Carriers Need Independent Cost Estimates

Serious concerns remain about the basic design of Ford-class carrier, and Congress must have all the available information before more money is sunk into this program.

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Internal Revenue Service BuildingLawmakers Suspect Illegality in Privatized Tax Collection Program

File this under “We Told You So.” Barely two months into the IRS’s latest attempt to outsource federal tax debt collection to private companies, one of the companies has been singled out by lawmakers for possibly engaging in illegal collection practices.

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We’re hiring!

We're hiring!Job Openings: Media and Communications, Social Media

POGO is currently hiring for a Media and Communications Associate and a Social Media Associate — please forward to your lists to spread the word!

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POGO in the News


It’s Not Just Health Care: Senate Seeing Creeping Secrecy, Rushed Hearings

The Senate committee does traditionally conduct much—but not all—of its debate on the defense policy bill out of the public eye, but it’s not usually classified, says Elizabeth Hempowicz, policy counsel at the Project on Government Oversight. And Hempowicz warns that the additional layer of secrecy risks “taking away the people’s ability to hold their representatives and senators accountable.”



How and When You Should Leak Government Secrets

So while journalists like myself love exclusive news leads, you potentially have a lot to gain by also dropping your information into the SecureDrop, an activist organization like the Project on Government Oversight, the ACLU, or Greenpeace, which might already have the necessary expertise to act on your evidence.



Trump Administration Moves To Limit Congressional Oversight Of Agencies

NICK SCHWELLENBACH: The Justice Department said they should treat individual members of Congress’ requests for information as Freedom of Information Act requests like anyone in the public can send in. So this is a bit of a subtle change, but it’s important.



Document Drawer

The Project on Government Oversight wrote about how the medical device user fee reauthorization could loosen oversight of medical device safety.



F-35 Unreliability Risks Strain on Pentagon Budget, Tester Says

“Even if an F-35 squadron can get to where it is needed, what good is it if it can’t fly them on missions?” analyst Dan Grazier of the Washington-based Project on Government Oversight said in a March 30 review of the test office’s January assessment. “This is one of the most enduring problems of the F-35 program. The fleet has had a notoriously poor reliability track record.”


The National Interest

OP-ED: Congress Needs to Require This Key Test on America’s Supercarrier

As we have previously reported, full ship shock trials are critical tests designed to ensure each new ship class is suitable for combat. If the language stands and the Navy delays the tests, it would run the risk of sending the $13 billion Ford with 4,300 crew members into a situation where a single close-proximity explosion could render it useless and vulnerable to being sunk.


Federal News Radio

McCain closes doors to public on NDAA sausage-making

“In the previous year some of the subcommittees have been open. Last year it was three,” said Liz Hempowicz, POGO’s policy counsel. “When you think about the NDAA, it’s a huge bill. It not only covers over $600 billion of authorization for Pentagon spending, but it also has a variety of policy matters within the bill, some of which can really benefit from public debate.”


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