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Dear Kevin,

Thank you for joining more than 150,000 people, representing more than $4.3 billion dollars in assets, asking big banks to stop financing these pipelines.1

The #NoDAPL movement is celebrating that a federal judge ordered the US Army Corp of Engineers to re-do its environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. But the judge didn’t shut down the pipeline (yet) and we still need to take action.

Here are two ways to make our voices heard and stop more pipelines:

1. If you haven’t yet, actually pull your money out of the fossil fuel banks and let them know why. Find a better bank here. 

2. Indigenous leaders are asking for our help to deliver this message to “every bank, every branch” this summer.2 Sign up to attend or host a #DeFundPipelines delivery event.

With that update, I’d like to welcome you to our Green America community. I’m Todd Larsen, Executive Co-Director of our corporate responsibility campaigns and consumer outreach.

You’re joining tens of thousands of other like-minded individuals who share your values, for our precious planet and the world’s most vulnerable people.

Without Washington on side, we will move forward by standing up to reckless corporations and pushing them to change their ways. We pushed General Mills to remove GMOs from Cheerios, Amazon.com to add clean energy, and The Children’s Place to pay victims of the Rana Plaza disaster

You have the power to make real change.  

Together, we can build an economy that is based on clean energy, responsible finance, safe food, fair labor and healthy communities for all.

For a greener world,

Todd LarsenTodd (signature)
Todd Larsen
Executive Co-Director,
Consumer and Corporate Engagement
Green America

1 – http://divestinvest.org/individual/resource/150000-people-representing-more-than-4-billion-call-on-banks-to-defund-tar-sands-pipelines/
2 – http://www.ienearth.org/indigenous-environmental-network-advancing-petition-to-stop-financing-dapl-and-tar-sands-pipelines/


About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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