I’ve Suffered with Chronic Pain: What about You?

Today I had a really interesting conversation with a young Irish physiotherapist. We were talking about chronic pain, and what he does to help the section of patients he sees with pain that keeps coming back.

While we were talking, he said something really interesting. It went like this:

“The biggest thing, I’ve found, is getting people on board with you early on. It’s letting them know that there’ll be ups and downs, but if they keep going, they can improve. They can become pain free.”

When people feel like there’s nothing they can do to improve their situation, they go downhill very quickly.

But when they feel like there’s something they have within their sphere of control, it has a massive positive effect. An affect that goes far beyond what you’d expect.

That’s why – even if your original problem was a disc or joint injury, it’s well worth getting in and treating the active trigger points in the area. The fact you’re taking positive steps yourself in the direction of recovery is huge.

Plus – the after decades working as a doctor, I’ve come to realise more and more that everything is connected. The muscles around a joint affect it, and vice versa. Nothing in our bodies exists in isolation.

We can set up negative spirals of health, or positive ones. You have in your hands a wonderful tool to turn off muscle pain and get moving naturally again. Here’s where to learn how to use it >>>

– Jonathan

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