A Father’s Legacy: His Life Story in “Our” Own Words ? (Part 9)

A Father’s Legacy: His Life Story in “Our” Own Words ?    

by Kevin Stoda

Dad, “Did you ever get into fights with other kids?  Did you ever start a fight? or stop one?”  My father replied, “No.  Only one.

KEVIN:  “Like almost every son who has fought with his father over a variety of things, I find it hard to believe that Dad wasn’t intertwined in some sort of fight or scuffles more often than that.  On the other hand, I do recall that in the 8-plus years of my life in which I grew up in Genoa, IL myself that I was never in a fight with someone–although I was attacked by an older boy once, myself.  (I did not have any desire to fight back.  I was in shock because it had happened at all.)”

What do you think was your father’s experience?   what was your experience growing up?

Ron, “What chores did you have to do when you were growing up?  Did you get an allowance?  How much was it?

Dad wrote that he did not receive an allowance at all, and his first chores were washing 7 drying dishes.  However, he added, “I had a paper route from 6 years-old until I was 13.”

KEVIN: What is important for me HERE in reading Dad’s journal is the fact that he started his working career at age 6 delivering papers.  He subsequently saved most of his money over those years.  Likewise, when my brother and I turned 7 years of age both of us were introduced to a man named Larry who gave us paper routes as well.

In short, we were taught early to save and work for our money.  Alas, we moved to another town a few years later and seldom had such money earning opportunities there.

What opportunities did you have to learn to earn and save money as a child?



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