A Father’s Legacy: His Life Story in “Our” Own Words ? (Part 13) & “What about Mom?”

By Ron Stoda.    

(self interview of sorts using A Father’s Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words)

“Ron, how old were you when you met Mom?  What attracted you to her?”

     “[I was] 25 1/2. She was smart and pretty.”

Ron, “When did you know the Mom was the ‘one and only’ for you?  How did you know?”

  “I don’t know.

NOTE:  Dad and mom were divorced in 1980.  Dad remarried in the last part of that decade.–as

Ron, “Share a memory about the way you proposed to Mom.”

After [a] St. Patrick’s Day Dance.…”

“Tell me about your wedding day.  What happened?  How did you feel?  Were you nervous, scared, happy?

“I believe something or someone put our nuptial bliss… or it was never meant to be.  (1) organ broke down, (2) cake got bent over, (3) Deloris’s [mom’s] grandmother died, (4) Deloris’s mother was not [therefore]at the wedding, (5) Car broke down, (6) Mom’s Grandma’s funeral took place 3 days later. ”

Ron, “Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Describe at least one humorous thing that happened to you and Mom.

“Winnipeg, Canada….there wasn’t anything joyful.

“Do you remember the first meals Mom cooked for you? Do you dare comment on them?”

“Ask her [Mom] about fried turnips.”

NOTE:  I have recently asked mom about this.  She indicated that she went out in the garden and grabbed some turnips.  She fried them. She stated, “George [dad’s friend from Genoa, IL who worked with Dad] loved them, but Ron asked, ‘What is  so funny about these potatoes.'”

Ron, “Describe where you and Mom lived after you were married.

“We traveled for nearly two years all over the Midwest as I installed central telephone equipment.

NOTE:  At that time, Dad had no license as in Illinois he wasn’t allowed to get a license due to epileptic diagnoses when he was younger. So, mom must have been the chauffeur.  My brother Paul was born in Red Oak, Iowa into the first 9 or 10 months.  I came about 14 months thereafter. I was born in Sycamore, Illinois. As I type this, for the first time in decades realize that both my brother and I were born in towns named after trees.  Is there a root or tree metaphor in our lives?

“When did you and Mom start talking about having children?” [Dad?]

 “They came from God unexpectedly.”




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