The Democratic Party’s Glistening IneptitudeDemocrats in Congress faced significant criticism from the left in their first week back in session.After regaining a majority, House Democrats prioritized a bill, sponsored by
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., which would give state and local governments
the authority to boycott U.S. companies participating in the BDS
movement against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The bill represents a significant infringementon the First Amendment rights of American
citizens, according to two federal courts that have weighed in on similar bills, Ryan Grim and Glenn Greenwald explain.Party leadership came
under scrutiny again after an inadequate response to President Donald
Trump’s Tuesday night Oval Office Address on border wall funding. I
unpack why the Democratic Party continues to fail at communicating an affirmative, people-first message for everyday Americans.Briahna Gray
Columnist & Senior Politics Editor
U.S. Senate’s First Bill, in the Midst of the Shutdown, Is a Bipartisan
Defense of the Israeli Government From Boycotts
Ryan Grim, Glenn GreenwaldAttacks on the free speech rights of Americans in the name of defending Israel seem to have no end in sight.READ
MORE →What’s the Matter With the Democratic Party? Just Watch Pelosi and Schumer Respond to Trump’s Wall Speech.
Briahna GrayThe Democratic Party struggles to keep even in a rhetorical battle it should be winning by a landslide.READ MORE →Protecting
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BECOME A MEMBER →Top StoriesFor Owners of Amazon’s Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching Too
Sam BiddleSources disclosed troubling privacy practices at a Ring office in Ukraine.READ MORE →Newly Released FOIA Documents Shed Light on Border Patrol’s Seemingly Limitless Authority
Max Rivlin-NadlerAfter a four-year legal battle, the ACLU obtained more than 1,000 pages of CBP training documents, which were shared exclusively with The Intercept.READ MORE →Tulsi Gabbard Is a Rising Progressive Star, Despite Her Support for Hindu Nationalists
Soumya ShankarAs her national profile grows, Tulsi Gabbard has
publicly cut ties with her right-wing Hindu supporters at least once, but
still courts them in private.READ MORE →Cyntoia Brown’s Freedom Is a
Reminder That All Sex Workers Have a Right to Self-Defense
Natasha LennardChild sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown’s case shows us who gets to stand their ground — and who does not.READ MORE →Progressive Ideas Matter to Voters. So Why Do Democrats Fixate on Identity?
Briahna GrayDemocrats’ focus on personalities and demographics over a popular progressive policy agenda and an anti-establishment sentiment may bring defeat in 2020.READ MORE →
 Murderville Podcast Episode Four: Murder in Broad Daylight

William Carroll Bennett and Rebecca Browning were beloved in Adel.
There was no reason anybody would want to hurt them. Then they were
fatally beaten in broad daylight at a popular lunch spot. Thanks to the
actions of a couple customers, their assailant was quickly apprehended:
20-year-old Hercules Brown. But the question quickly arose, was this the only murder Hercules was responsible for?LISTEN TO THE FOURTH EPISODE OF MURDERVILLE →Revolving Door on Steroids: Lobbyist Jon Kyl, Who Served Four Months in the Senate, Won’t Disclose Some Clients
David DayenJon Kyl returned to his lobbying firm Covington & Burling a week after ending his brief tenure as a U.S. senator from Arizona.READ MORE →Trump’s Wall Would Only Make the Real Border Crisis Worse
John WashingtonNo “crisis of the heart” has ever been fixed with steel slats.READ MORE →1.4 Million Floridians Just Got Their Voting Rights Back
Alice SperiSome Florida Republicans, including Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis, have sought to sow confusion about the validity of Amendment 4, which goes into effect Tuesday.READ MORE →See No Evil: Pentagon Issues Blanket Denial That It Knows Anything About Detainee Abuse in Yemen
Alex EmmonsA U.N. panel found that detainees in prisons controlled by U.S. allies were beaten, electrocuted, hung upside down, and raped.READ MORE →“We Want to Survive”: Afghans Warily Anticipate Trump’s
Withdrawal of Thousands of U.S. Troops
Bilal SarwarySome Afghans fear that fewer U.S. troops will lead to more
violence, while others hope the pullout will give the country a better shot at peace.READ MORE →NBC and MSNBC Blamed Russia for Using
“Sophisticated Microwaves” to Cause “Brain Injuries” in U.S. “Diplomats” in Cuba. The Culprits Were Likely Crickets.
Glenn Greenwald-We now have what might be the most vivid, reckless and dangerous illustration yet of how NBC functions.READ MORE →

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