Are you involved in the biggest scam in history with Google?

What’s the number one scam in history?

Fred Showker, Director

Answered May 13


I say it’s the Number ONE because it scammed more people than all other scams in history combined. Everyone man, woman and child who has used a computer since 2008 has been a victim of this scam.

And while you weren’t really damaged, and all you lost was time, it fits the definition of a “scam” perfectly.

Google builds their scams by building the impression that you are a customer and using the service to your benefit. But in reality, you are the product and an unpaid employee.

This scam gets YOU to perform a fairly expensive task for Google for free.

In the process of digitizing (scanning) all the books in print, Google discovered there were hundreds of thousands of words and character strings that the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) could not understand.

It represented a monumental task, that would cost Google billions and take years to accomplish. But then they came up with a delicious scam to get unknowing people to do the job for free!

Google knew that there were millions and millions of people signing in and signing up for stuff every day. So they came with the scam to make computer users do the dirty work. They inserted (one by one) these difficult passages that were stumping the book conversions into a “challenge” that HUMANS must explain before being logged in. The digital CAPTCHA was born.

You probably helped. Maybe a lot. IT didn’t take long before Google was smiling at 20-million captchas being solved each day. Roughly 84,000 free man hours a day. If Google had to pay a 3rd-world lackey 50-cents an hour to figure out puzzles, that’s $42,000 per day in savings for Google.

They finished the book project in record time, and didn’t cost a dime.

Chances are, they’re doing it again! Today, notice you’ll be presented with a “puzzle” of photos. That’s the next big one. In attempting to identify every square foot of the earth, Google encounters situations that the image recognition cannot figure out. So it asks you to figure it out for them! Boom.

You’ve been an unpaid employee of GOOGLE and you didn’t even know it.

IF you ever tagged a friend on Facebook, you’re also an unpaid employee of Facebook, working to identify every face and fine tune their facial recognition software! BOOM! The 2nd biggest scam in history!

Actually, I ‘enhanced’ and changed the above true story a bit for entertainment and readability. But study captchas if you wish!


Did you SAVE all yours?

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