Trump Apocalypse

Apocalypse scenario
Illustration of the horseman of death carrying a tattered American flag.
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios
Arming for post-election combat, Democratic lawyers are getting ready to challenge any end runs by President Trump, including swapping electors chosen by voters with electors selected by Republican-controlled legislatures.Democrats are particularly concerned about Pennsylvania, where the GOP controls the statehouse, Axios’ Alayna Treene and Hans Nichols have learned.On the other side, a Trump campaign adviser told Axios that lawyers will litigate where needed, including suing in key states that have changed election laws to allow for an extended time to vote or count ballots.Why it matters: Legal experts are increasingly worried about how the next president will be chosen if election mechanics fall apart and we face a constitutional crisis.Democrats are running a separate effort to try to block any state recounts, like Florida’s in 2000, from being cut short by the Supreme Court.Across the country, the Biden campaign has enlisted thousands of lawyers and volunteers for voter protection efforts.The context: Trump’s refusal to commit for a second time yesterday to a peaceful transfer of power, together with an article in The Atlantic about worst worst-case scenarios, is drawing new attention to brutal fights that could jeopardize a final outcome.The big picture, per the N.Y. Times (subscription):”Even as early voting has gotten underway, some pivotal states are still litigating how ballots should be cast and counted, creating uncertainty that is being fanned by President Trump.”Ben Ginsberg, a top GOP election lawyer who has criticized Trump’s claims about election fraud, says the president could ask for state recounts and even contest particular state results.

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