Russian Trolls need to face this simple article or Opinion Piece about the Vaccine and what it may reveal about Russia and Covid

3 Possibilities concerning Russia’s Supposed Covid Vaccines

by Kevin Stoda

Russia Covid-19 vaccine: World leaders, health officials have mixed  response | World News,The Indian Express

How did Russia’s Sputnik V program run through two trials of its vaccines so quickly and then claim that it had a working globally marketable vaccine?

Are Russian Scientists really so far ahead of the rest of the world on this vaccine?

First, the number one possibility is that the vaccine is a fraud or simply dangerous and the data which Russia has revealed so far has already been called into the world question, i.e. whether the data was fudged or not in a recent Lancet article. For example, in response to the article: “Almost 40 scientists signed an open letter, citing odd patterns in the data and a lack of transparency after authors withheld the full data.”

The second possibility is that the vaccine or vaccines are legit, as the Indian government appears to believe in its ordering so many vaccines from Russia very recently. As of Sept. 16, the Moscow Times is reporting that Russia will sell 100 million doses of its highly touted coronavirus vaccine to India.”

The Indian government is hedging its bets to both (1) the alternative –that it is fraud or the vaccine is not a big swindle or fraud– or (2) that the vaccine is functioning and viable. India is planning to trial run the vaccine on more than 100,000 volunteers in the coming months to conclude the 3rd stage of trial that the world demands in the case of such vaccine testing.

NOTE: There is a third explanation about the Russian confidence in its Sputnik V Vaccine program which no one has been discussing.

Why or Why not?


One obvious alternative explanative for Russian confidence in their own vaccine is that the Russian government and its research facilities, may have developed the current Covid-19 virus themselves. The virus may have spread from Russia to Europe after a new strain emerged or was created in Russia or elsewhere.

The self-creation of the Covid-19 version that swept through Europe would naturally have enabled Russia to be months or years ahead in developing the vaccine.

So many, including Donald Trump, have been pointing their fingers at a location in Wuhan China as the birthplace of Covid-19. (This is called a false-flag)Why wouldn’t it be Trump’s Russian buddies instead of China who were behind the virus and its subsequent spread?

Is this theory plausible?


Although my explanation may be plausible, I have done no research on the subject other than having made a pair of links to the above quotations.

So, please don’t simply buy into what I am alleging of the Soviet — er, I mean Russian regime.

Investigate before you share anything.

We are not propaganda machine, just a well-thought out and provocative editorial


Except what?

Except if you are a Russian Troll. Then please spread this article to your hearts content.

Russian trolls' fake hotline for 'coming out' youth | The Central Voice

We are tired of being Victims of Russian trolls

Let this article go “viral” to your heart’s content!

Now, you Trolls, get out of America’s election, before we create a virus that eats you all up!!!!

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