Another Trump SuperSpreader Event

U.S. Records Nearly 90,000 Daily Coronavirus Infections, a New Record

OCT 30, 2020

The United States confirmed nearly 90,000 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday — the worst toll of the U.S. epidemic so far, with an average of one new infection every second of the day. Forty-three states are seeing cases rise, with 17 states breaking records for hospitalizations and eight states reporting record daily cases. This is Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health.

Dr. Ashish Jha: “Well, things are very, very bad in the United States right now. We are having some of the largest outbreaks that we’ve had during the entire pandemic. And nine, 10 months into this pandemic, we are still largely not quite prepared.”

In Texas, El Paso County has ordered a two-week lockdown of nonessential businesses, as a surge of COVID-19 patients has left medical workers overwhelmed and hospitals are nearing capacity.TOPICS:

Trump Admin Cleared Nursing Homes Where 40,000 Died of COVID-19 of Infection-Control Violations

OCT 30, 2020

The Washington Post reports over 40,000 residents have died of COVID-19 in nursing homes that were given a clean bill of health by the Trump administration. The Post found the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cleared nearly eight out of 10 nursing homes of any infection-control violations — even homes with mounting coronavirus outbreaks before or during the inspections.TOPICS:

Trump and Biden Hold Competing Rallies in Battleground State of Florida

OCT 30, 2020

President Trump and Joe Biden held competing campaign rallies just miles apart Thursday in the battleground state of Florida — which is also a “red zone” hot spot for the coronavirus. Biden held a drive-in rally in Tampa, where supporters were required to wear masks and to practice social distancing.

Joe Biden: “Donald Trump refuses to listen to science. And we shouldn’t be politicizing the race for a vaccine. We should be planning for its safe use and free and equitable distribution, proving PPE for national standards for schools, businesses to open safely. I laid out a plan back in May how to do that.”

Just 10 miles away, President Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands of mostly unmasked supporters, who rallied shoulder to shoulder on the day the U.S. shattered its record for new coronavirus infections. Trump promised the country would remain open for business, no matter what.

President Donald Trump: “We’re never going to lock down again. We locked down, we understood the disease, and now we’re open for business. And that’s what it is.”

Trump’s rally came as the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 topped 228,000, with over 9 million confirmed cases since March.

President Donald Trump: “You know the bottom line, though? You’re going to get better. You’re going to get better. If I can get better, anybody can get better. And I got better fast.”

Nearly a dozen Trump supporters at Thursday’s rally in Tampa were hospitalized after waiting for hours in the searing heat and humidity. From the podium, Trump mocked firefighters who sprayed the crowd with water to help cool people off.

President Donald Trump: “They may be doing that on purpose. Let’s find out if they’re friend or foe. And if they’re foe, let’s take care of those son of a bitches.”

This follows seven hospitalizations for hypothermia that followed a Trump rally in Omaha Tuesday evening after the Trump campaign failed to provide enough buses for supporters, who were left waiting in the freezing cold for hours. Meanwhile, a CNN study finds 82% of counties where President Trump held a campaign rally experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases afterward. TOPICS:

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