Only 7 out of the Nation’s Richest tens of Thousands have been audited under Trump’s IRS

IRS Audited Just 0.03% of Wealthiest U.S. Families Under President Trump in 2018

OCT 30, 2020

The Trump administration has largely stopped auditing the wealthiest U.S. residents — that’s according to journalist David Cay Johnston, editor-in-chief of DCReport. Johnston spoke with Democracy Now! about his findings.

David Cay Johnston: “Donald Trump has done an enormous favor to the 24,000 richest families in America. They make about $30 million a year each. And you know how many of them have their tax returns audited? Seven. Not 700 or 7,000. Seven.”

David Cay Johnston’s report finds that under President Obama in 2015, the country’s richest households were 270 times more likely to be audited than under Trump.TOPICS:

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