“Central American families arrived in Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez disoriented and disconsolate; many didn’t realize they were being expelled from the U.S” & Other Intercept Article

Documents Show Amazon Is Aware Drivers Pee in Bottles and Even Defecate En Route, Despite Company Denia lKen Klippenstein
If employees actually had to pee in bottles, Amazon said, “nobody would work for us
.” That’s a lie.
The Paraquat Poisoning Problem
Sharon Lerne
A former Syngenta scientist calls the failures to heed his warnings about the deadly pesticide “a conspiracy within the company to keep this quiet.”READ MORE → 
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Andrew Cuomo’s Infamous Opsec Avoids Paper Trails. Will It Be Enough?

Nick Pinto
The New York governor never uses email and communicates through lieutenants, but the wall of silence around him is crumbling.READ MORE → 
Biden’s Inner Circle Maintains Close Ties to Vaccine Makers, Disclosures Reveal
Lee Fang
As concerns grow about a global “vaccine apartheid,” watchdogs worry that the Biden administration is primed to favor profits over people.READ MORE → 
Cuomo’s Covid-19 Vaccine Passport Leaves Users Clueless About Privacy
Sam Biddle
A New York state system for proving that you’ve been vaccinated uses overhyped blockchain technology — and leaves many privacy questions unanswered.READ MORE → 
Chuck Schumer Tells Labor Leaders PRO Act Gets a Floor Vote With 50 Co-Sponsors
Akela Lacy, Ryan Grim
The PRO Act is the most comprehensive workers’ rights bill to gain traction in Congress in decades.READ MORE → 
The Border Patrol Is Dropping Migrant Families in Arizona Desert Towns With Little Capacity to Receive Them
Ryan Devereaux
The community of Gila Bend has declared a state of emergency as local leaders protest the new policy.READ MORE → 
Nina Turner’s Campaign Gets a Boost From Congressional Progressive Caucus PACAkela LacyThe CPC has been taking a more active role in contested Democratic primaries since the last election cycle.READ MORE → 
Jim Crow Tactics on Full Display in Georgia as Black Legislator Arrested for Knocking on a Capitol DoorGeorge ChidiBehind that door, Gov. Brian Kemp, alongside six white lawmakers, signed what critics say is a new era of voting restrictions.READ MORE → 
Asylum-Seekers Expelled by Biden Administration Say They Feel Deceived
Debbie Nathan
Central American families arrived in Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez disoriented and disconsolate; many didn’t realize they were being expelled from the U.S.WATCH → 
Memo: Party Boss Asked Progressive Philadelphia Judicial Candidate to Drop Out
Akela Lacy
In a memo obtained by The Intercept, Caroline Turner said local party chair Bob Brady offered support for a future judgeship appointment if she ends her campaign.READ MORE → 
Daniel Ellsberg on Biden and Whistleblowers
Will the new president follow in his predecessor’s footsteps in pursuing prosecution of leakers?LISTEN → 

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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