Creating a situation where educators feel as if they must always do more and try harder, making it easy to lose themselves in the mission.

Taking Care of Yourself: Resources to Help with Teacher Self-Care
posted by: Melissa | June 22, 2017, 06:26 PM   

More than many other occupations, education is missional in nature. Educators are well aware that how well a child is educated will drive their success later on in life and popular culture often heightens this with movies and books that focus on how a single, passionate educator can “save” a child from the dismal life that awaits them.
Self-Care for Teachers - The Pathway 2 Success
Schools, too, often suffering from low budgets and lack of staff encourage educators to take on extra duties and go the extra mile. While none of this is bad in and of itself, it creates a situation where educators feel as if they must always do more and try harder, making it easy to lose themselves in the mission.
This striving leads to an unsustainable pace, and it’s easy for educators to become burned out. This is why one of the most important things an educator can do is take care of themselves. Self-care is not a “nice to have” goal for when you have time to pursue it. For a classroom teacher it is the foundation that allows a teacher to give their students the focus and energy they deserve.
If this is an area that you struggle with, you are not alone. Numerous resources exist to help teachers with their physical, emotional, and mental health. Check out a few of them below:

Happy Teacher Revolution
Developing a Self-Care Plan
10 Self-Care Techniques for Teachers
7 Self-Care Strategies For Teachers
How to Teach and Still Have a Life This School Year
Top Tips for Stress Management and Self-Care
How Teacher Compassion Can Help Prevent Teacher Burnout
Teacher Self-Care: What Will You Do For You Today?Recharging Our Professional Batteries: 3 Ways to Keep the Love Alive!
Self-Care for Teachers & Four Easy Ways to Stay Well
What do you do to take care of yourself during the school year?

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