How many songs of U2 have biblical references?

how many songs of U2 have biblical references?

Bible references in U2 Song Lyrics › 2009/09 › bible-ref…Bono, as U2’s main lyricist, has continually made lyrical references to things religious and biblical in the songs of U2Many of U2 lyrics are open to …
10 U2 Songs Written by Bono That Reference the Bible (VIDEO) › news › 10-u2-songs-wr…
Jan 21, 2014 — 10 U2 Songs Written by Bono That Reference the Bible (VIDEO) … Depending upon whom you ask, Bono, the outspoken frontman of Irish rock act U2, …
What are some Christian references in U2 songs? – Quora › What-are-some-Christian-refe…
Sep 26, 2014 — One of the most explicit references is “40” from “War”. It refers to Psalms 40 – the first two lines of the song are the opening to the prayer (slight amendment …8 answers · Top answer: Goodness gracious! Where to begin? While never coming across like gospel, U2 songs actually …What is the U2 song ‘Where the Streets Have No Name …6 answersSep 9, 2014Was U2 a Christian rock band? – Quora4 answersJan 18, 2017More results from

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The top 10 faith-fuelled U2 songs | Opinion | Premier Christianity › 3741.article
Sep 22, 2016 — Although some thought this track from 1987 signified that Bono was unsatisfied with his Christian faith, it may equally have been based on …
Is U2 secretly Christian? Here’s what The New Yorker missed › 2014/09/18 › u2-secretly-ch…
Sep 18, 2014 — In the end, we only have the facts. U2 writes and sings songs that are replete with Bible references and their lead singer is a vocal Christian …
Check Out U2’s Five Most Christian Songs Of All Time – The … › 2017/11/28 › u2s-five-christi…
Nov 28, 2017 — Maybe you understood U2 to be vaguely spiritual or quasi-Christian-but-who-really-knows. Or maybe you thought the band’s Christian stripes have …
U2: Rock’n’roll’s answer to the Book of Common Prayer? – The … › music › musicblog › jan
Jan 6, 2010 — Two Italian journalists have examined his lyrics and discovered Biblical allusions in almost every song. Bono and Pope John Paul II.
Top Ten Spiritual U2 Songs › u2s-top-ten-spiritual-s…
Oct 9, 2013 — Some musicians go through spiritual phases, but U2 have made their … And they may even quote more Bible verses in their songs than the …
The Church of U2 | The New Yorker › Culture › Bono
Sep 16, 2014 — Actually, they’re a wildly popular, semi-secretly Christian rock … U2 has written a few straight-up love songs, like “All I Want Is You.
Bono’s Bible – Biblical allusions in U2 songs
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