Estonia: Will we be Next?


Denmark to deploy soldiers to Estonia in wake of Russia’s …

President Vladimir Putin said Russia would decide whether to recognise the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine later on…


1 hour ago

AP News

Ukraine attack leaves Baltics wondering: Are we next?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine sent shockwaves through the Baltic countries … to relocate a Soviet war memorial in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital.


18 hours ago


Latvia and Estonia have invoked Article 4 of NATO treaty

Why have Latvia and Estonia invoked article of NATO treaty amid Russia invasion of Ukraine. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and other allies…


8 hours ago


Russia-Ukraine war: NATO members invoke Article 4; what is it?

The Estonian Government decided to trigger NATO consultations under Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty, in cooperation with other Allies…


13 hours ago

CTV News

Russia attacks Ukraine: The latest news on the crisis

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says 137 civilians and military personnel have been killed so far in the Russian…


13 hours ago


Estonia condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine: ‘Evil is real’

Early on Thursday morning, Ukrainian officials announced the country was under attack from Russia. ERR News has gathered together reactions…


21 hours ago

AP News

Live updates: UN Council to vote on condemning invasion

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s president is ordering a full military … HELSINKI — Baltic NATO members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have…


1 hour ago

ABC News

NATO vows to defend its entire territory after Russia attack

Ukraine’s government said Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border … During the meeting, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia,…


13 hours ago


Ukraine conflict: Russian forces attack from three sides

Neighbouring countries have reacted to the crisis. In the Baltic republic of Estonia, which borders Russia, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said a…


9 hours ago


Baltic countries worry they could be Russia’s next target

Attack against Ukraine spurs fears in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, … The news was met with enthusiasm in the Baltic capitals.


6 hours ago


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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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