Americans Deserve Fair Election Voting Opportunities

 Kevin, in case you missed it,

Fair Fight Action has taken Georgia’s Secretary of State and State Election Board to Court.The Fair Fight Action v. Raffensperger trial began this week. Our case challenges the constitutionality of suppressive voting practices we witnessed during the 2018 and subsequent elections (you can read about it in the New York Times here).

Here’s what’s happened so far: Multiple Georgia voters and would-be voters have testified about how they faced obstacles while trying to register and vote in past elections — and their stories are now in the legal record for this case. These voters and would-be voters show the impact the practices we challenge have on real Georgians who are eligible, but not always able, to cast their vote.Expert witnesses and community leaders have also testified, documenting the barriers to voting that stand in the way of Georgians’ exercising their fundamental right to vote.

These witnesses have explained the role of the Secretary of State and State Election Board in creating and maintaining barriers to voting, as well as options for improving access to the ballot for all voters.Through the questioning of a former Secretary of State official, we elicited testimony about the absence of instruction by the Secretary of State’s Office to the counties regarding processes and standards for maintaining the voter rolls, as well as evidence that Georgia removed more felons from the voter rolls than any other state.The Fair Fight Action v. Raffensperger trail is a historic moment, Kevin.

This is an opportunity for Georgia voters to finally have their day in court and fight back against policies and practices that make it harder to vote in Georgia.You’re making this vital work possible. Will you take a moment and click here to add your name in support of Georgia voters?Our goal in Fair Fight Action v. Raffensperger is to continue to elevate the voices of Georgia voters and fight for an elections system in which every eligible voter has the chance to make their voice heard.

We have already seen progress for Georgians as a result of filing our suit, including the significant achievement when 22,000 Georgians were restored to the voting rolls instead of being purged from the active voter list.And Kevin, we know that a win here in Georgia will be a win for everyone.

We couldn’t do any of this work without your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this possible. Your support during this historic moment means so much. Please click here to add your name and affirm that you support Fair Fight Action.

Thank you,The Fair Fight Action Team

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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