Teacher Hiring Scams in the United Arab Emirates Grows–BEWARE!

“I was almost scammed this past week–i.e. I almost fell for one of these UAE scams. Beware.”

UPDATE : Teacher Scams, July 2022!

The number of scam teacher recruitment campaigns notified to us continues to grow. At the start of the New Year, we have already been advised on two further scams, bringing the total to THIRTY-ONE scams since the start of the new academic year in August 2021.. Full details – and how to avoid being caught out – below.

UPDATE : Teacher Scams, July 2022!

By Lyn Soppelsa

First Published:

Tuesday 10 March, 2020


26th Jul 2022


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We have been informed that the Ajman University scam, originally notified in early May, is in full swing again.  

Offers are coming from Ajman University, P.O.Box: 346, Ajman, United Arab Emirates; telephone Toll Free : 800 (2878), or Tel : +971 5286 89240, with email contact at inquiry@ajmanac.com.  The fake website is https://www.ajmanac.com; the genuine one is https://www.ajman.ac.ae.  Previously the scammers had used Pajema Travel and Tours as the agency to whom visa payments were to be made.  It is not clear whether the same agent is involved now, but in any event, if you receive an offer from the Ajman University using any of the contacts mentioned, you know to discard it!

As we head towards the end of July, the latest fake job offers are being issued by the American University of Sharjah. 

The most recent victim of this scam received an email from Khalaf Recruitment <career.khalafrecruitment1@gmail.com> on behalf of Dr. Ahmed Suleiman of the American University of Sharjah. The contact details include a mobile/cell number +971 5036 429 68, and an ‘Official Email’ address of hr_americanuniversitysharjah@aol.com OR info@auseduinc.com. The visa process is through Insurer Travel Agency, located in the Tourist Club Area of Abu Dhabi.  The contact person is Dr. Assadi Kazim, Visa Processing Officer, contact details: +971 5862 565 48 and e-mail: insurertravelagencys@outlook.com.

This is the list of schools/universities involved in teacher recruitment scams from August 2021 until today:

American University of Sharjah
Abu Dhabi University
Durham School Dubai
SABIS School Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
Al Maali International School
Dunecrest American School
University of Wollongong (May version).
Al Qasimia University Sharjah
The Cambridge School of Abu Dhabi
United School of Baniyas Abu Dhabi
Al Hasim International Schools Abu Dhabi
Al Zaabi International School Abu Dhabi
Biotechnology University College Dubai
University of Wollongong – revised scam – November 2021
Kings College Dubai
University of Modern Sciences
ADNOC School Abu Dhabi
University of Wollongong
Etihad Global International School
Amina English School
Al Ittihad Model School
iEnglish Language Institute
Jumeirah Model School
Al Hajain International School
Victoria High School Dubai
Erudite International School
Emaar International School
Al Haja International School
Elite Private School

There are two further scams to report as at mid-July. The first is a revived scam involving Abu Dhabi University.  If you receive an offer for any of genuine university’s branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or Dubai using the following website: https://www.aduaec.com and contact information – telephone  +971567217845 Call Center), or email: hr@aduaec.com/info@aduaec.com, you know it is fake.

The second scam is a new one, involving a genuine school – Durham School Dubai – that will open in August in Dubai.

The genuine website for Durham School Dubai has been copied with a small change to the website and school email addresses – the fake site is https://durhamdubaia.com/durh/ (note the additional ‘a’ on ‘Dubai’).  The scammers have confused themselves – using both the genuine website and email addresses in their offer letters.  The usual cell phone number +971 58 870 2033 and false email address – info@durhamdubaia.com – show the fraud up for what it is.  The travel agent in this case is ABAL TRAVEL & TOURISM DUBAI (UAE) whose Head Office is in Deira at Golden Business Centre, 5th floor Office 402, Port Saeed Airport Road. E-mail: info@abaltravel.com/abaltravels@gmail.com, website: www. abaltravel.com and Contact Person, Mr. Jack Wilson.

On the last day of June, the scammers were obviously going into override to recruit for the new academic year. 

None of the four scams reported to us today are new, but they are active. Look out for SABIS School Al RuwaisUniversity of Modern SciencesAl Maali International School, and English Language Institute.  Full details within this article, but all you need to know is that the offers are fake, and the attempt to take your cash for equally fake visas, very real!

There is a third new scam notified to us in June – and it is quite a sophisticated one, in so far as the scammers have chosen a genuine school with a genuine website. The school involved is SABIS School Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. 

However, SABIS Ruwais no longer operates under that name.  The school, which belongs to the ADNOC Oil Company group, was subsequently transferred to the management of Aldar Academies under the name  ADNOC School, Ruwais.  

For the rest, the school is using a mobile contact number +971 52 152 0361 and email address:
info@sabisabudhabi.com.  The contact person from HR is Professor Elias Hendricks, Human Resources Director, SABIS International School – Abu Dhabi.

As always, there is the obligatory travel agent to whom the visa monies must be paid.  In this case, it is GULFLANE TRAVELS AND TOURISM LLC, who are supposedly located at Clock Tower Bldg, Baniyas Najda Street, Abu Dhabi. Telephone: +971-558901946, Email:  gulflanetravels@outlook.com, CC: info@gulflanetravels.com, Website: http://www.gulflanetravels.com.
The contact person is Saeed Gholami, (Chief Immigration Agent). 

The second scam advised to us in June involves Al Maali International School. We do not have details of a website, but offers are coming by email from hr.almaaliinternationalschool@gmail.com.  The travel agency for ‘visa processing’ – which the fraudsters have tried to disguise as an employment agency – is EMIRATES EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT TRAVEL AGENCY, located at  Zayed Bin Sultan St – Central District – Abu Dhabi. The contact details are: Email: u.a.econtractassociation@outlook.com, Cc: susananderson@uaexprestravels.com, Telephone: (+971) 58 939 7798 and website: http://www.uaexprestravels.com.

Please note that we have also been informed that the scam involving iEnglish Language Institute (originally reported in October 2021) is again being actively promoted.

With the arrival of June, a new scam has been notified to us.  This is a new one – purporting to represent Dunecrest American School in Dubai. The scammers have changed the school name marginally (through the addition of an ‘a’). Much of the location detail is correct.

This group of fraudsters have also successfully copied the genuine Dunecrest American School website, instead using https://dunecresta.com. Offer letters are sent by Mr. Pat Hould (HR/Recruitment Manager) DUNECREST AMERICAN SCHOOL, P.O. Box 624265, Wadi Al Safa 3, (next to Al Barari), Dubai. As usual, the telephone number is that of a cell phone: +971 58 203 9855 and the various emails are: hr@dunecresta.com; careers@dunecresta.com; and schoolrecruitdeparte@gmail.com – that Gmail address should scream ‘warning’ to anyone receiving it.   
The travel agency involved in the scam is ABAL TRAVEL & TOURISM DUBAI (UAE) and the contact Mr. James Wilson, Head of Visa/Permits Operations. Contact details are: Phone: +971 58 823 6203; E-mail: info@abaltravel.com; E-mail: abaltravels@gmail.com and their website: http://www.abaltravel.com.

As we headed into June, we were advised of the scam – previously notified to us October and November of 2021 – involving the University of Wollongong in Dubai. The latest version of the scam involves a different team and a new fake travel agency.

This time, the email of the job offer is sent by Mohd Binti, Chief Recruitment Manager, on behalf of Dr Morgan Gray, Human Resources Director, at the UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG IN DUBAI – UAE. Telephone: +971 5 2112 9880, and email: universityofwollongon1@gmail.com. The fake travel agency is either Metro or Mepro Travel Agency UAE – they can’t even get the name straight! – represented by either Mohammed Salem or Maxwell Johnson. The travel agency is registered at 13th Floor, Salam HQ Bldg, Salam Street, Zayed, The First St, Al Markaziyah – Abu Dhabi U.A.E. The telephone number is: +971 526074259, and the email addresses are: workpermit.meprotravels1@gmail.com or: workpermit.meprotravels@yahoo.com.

To avoid becoming a potential victim of the scammers, check our tips here.

On, 10th May, we received details of a new university scam.  Today we have another one – though the latest one is not new – we first listed it on 1st April.  This scam relates to another university – this time Ajman University UAE. 

The contact for this scam is AJMAN UNIVERSITY UAE, P.O.BOX:346.  The contact person is Mr. Farid Abbas, HR Manager.  His email is either info@ajman-ac.com or hrmanager.ajmanuniversity@gmail.com.  Again, he has a cell phone number: +971557923746. It seems that there has been an attempt to set up a website – http://www.ajman-ac.com, but this is not operational.  The genuine Ajman University website is https://www.ajman.ac.ae/en.
And, of course, where there’s a scam university or school, there is a scam travel agent to take the money for visa processing.  In this case, the travel agent is PAJEMA TRAVELS & TOURS, UAE, whose offices are at Megamall Tower Plot 260, Bu Daniq, Al Qassimia, Sharjah UAE. The contact person is Abdul Saleem, telephone +971529453387, email either info@pajematravelandtours.com or pajematravelsandtours@gmail.com. Their website is https://www.pajematravelandtours.com.

The scam brought to our attention on 10th May is for Al Qasimia University in Sharjah. 

Again, the scam process is the same.  The offer of the position is made by Dr. Abdul Mustapha, Hr.Manager, Al Qasimia University, with a cell phone number of +971 5036 429 68. Dr, Abdul’s email is either hrmanageralqasimiauniversity@aol.com or info@alqasmia.com (note the mis-spelling of the university name). The travel agency involved is KABUL TRAVEL & TOURISM L.L.C, DUBAI, Telephone: +971 5037 574 21, E-mail:  kabultraveluae@outlook.com and the contact person is Dr. Barry Raman, Visa Processing Officer.  The genuine Al Qasimia University website is https://www.alqasimia.ac.ae/en. There does not appear to be a fake website.

The second scam advised to us in April (21st), is for the Cambridge School of Abu Dhabi. We have now been advised by four teachers of the receipt of an email invitation to apply for a position, based on his “profile on an online database portal”.  The email purports to come from Prof. Adrian Warrwick Ladd for the school based in Mussafah. There are, in fact, two GEMS-operated schools in Abu Dhabi that bear the Cambridge name – GEMS Cambridge International School and The Cambridge High School – but no Cambridge School of Abu Dhabi. The fake travel agency involved is Gulflane Travel and Tourism.

We have also been informed that the scam involving iEnglish Language Institute is again currently active with offers being made to teachers.

As at 1st April, we have been informed of a scam being operated in the name of Ajman University.  The fake website is AJMAN UNIVERSITY UAE, P.O.BOX:346, email: info@ajman-ac.com or hrmanager.ajmanuniversity@gmail.com.  The fake travel agency involved is PAJEMA TRAVELS & TOURS, UAE.

As at 20th March, hot off the presses, we have been made aware of a new scam in the name of HABALJAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ACADEMY  in Abu Dhabi.  This appears to be a copy of the previous version of the Amity International School Abu Dhabi website which has recently been updated. Further details will be provided as they become available.

On 15th February 2022, we were advised that another new scam is doing the rounds – this one from the United School of Baniyas, Abu Dhabi – details in our update below.  We have been contacted by a number of teachers who have been offered positions in late February/early March and despite efforts by friends in law enforcement, it has not been possible to have it closed down

The United School of Baniyas scammers are still very active as at 16th March, with one potential recruit having been asked to pay AED 7,800 for visas and, when he provided proof of processing of this payment, a further AED 12,500 for health insurance cover.  Fortunately, he was able to stop part of the AED 7,800 visa payment after asking a relative to visit the non-existent offices of East Zone Travels, confirming his fears that this was a scam.    

We have also been advised by several teachers that the Emaar International School scammers are particularly active currently.  One teacher has already paid USD 2,125 for a visa which will never be issued for a job in a school that does not exist.  Biotechnology University College is also active, although we have received fewer reports.

Prior to the end of 2021, the scammers seemed to have slowed down their efforts a little. We received one further notification of a new scam, though teachers continue to receive offers from University of Wollongong, University of Modern Sciences and iEnglish Language Institute.  The last scam of 2021 involved the Biotechnology University College Dubai, further details below.

In early February we received word of a new scam involving the genuine United School of Baniyas Abu Dhabi.  The genuine school website appears to have been suspended – and we have received confirmation from our law enforcement contacts that the new website – https://unitedschofbaniyas.com/index.php/ –  is related to a scam.  The travel agency involved in the scam is EAST ZONE TRAVELS LLC, located at Bldg No 82,Hazza Bin Zayed Street, Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-526790664, Email: eastzonetravelsllc@outlook.com, or info@eastzonetravels.com, Website: http://www.eastzonetravels.com.

At the end of January, we were advised of a scam under the name of Al Hasim International Schools Abu Dhabi.  As at mid-February, these scammers are still actively approaching teachers who have made their initial application online. This scam is being operated by a Nigerian team who set up the website on 27th January 2022.

The ‘school’ is based at 34 Fatima Bint Mubarak Street, PO. Box: 67589, Abu Dhabi.  Contact details of the HR Director, Zaheed Adel, are +971 58 863 7663 and email: hr.alhasiminternationalschool@gmail.com or info@alhasiminternationalschools.com.

The phony travel agency set up to collect funds for the fake visas is SouthCity Travels Agency UAE, and the contact person is Eden Robert, who can be reached on 
+971 58 669 5013, or by email at workpermit_southcitytravelagency@outlook.com. 
The fake travel agency website: http://www.southcitytravelagency.com

The first scam of the new year notified to us is Al Zaabi International School in Abu Dhabi.  The fake website is http://www.alzaabiintersch.com. The man at the helm is a Professor Hester Woodwood, with visa payments to be made to Iconic Travel Agency LLC where Lucas Roberts is the Chief Processing Officer.

Our end of November scam is Biotechnology University College Dubai.  Based at Dubai Investment Park, although with a ‘registered address’ on the other side of the city at Al Twar 3, 7A Street, PO Box 232816, Dubai, the fake website is http://bucacae.com.

We do  not yet have details of the travel agency involved, which will be as fraudulent as the university.  Contact from the ‘university’ is via the usual ubiquitous mobile number – +971 56 721 7845, with the following email address for general inquiries: info@bucacae.com.  The content of the fake website has been stolen from the genuine University of Balamand Dubai.

It seems that university scams are becoming more frequent.  Having originally posted details of the scam involving the University of Wollongong in October, the scammers have moved to a new website and with new contact details.  It is no more legitimate than the previous one.  The scammers appear to be using the Naukrigulf.com recruitment website to attract potential victims.

The website has now changed to www.universityofwollongondubai.com (the genuine one is http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae) and the fake university has moved location from Dubai Knowledge Park to Sheikh Zayed Road. The email address being used by Consultant/HR Director DR.Stephen Ahmed is recruit.universityofwollongon@gmail.com with the following mobile/cell number: +97158 859 3141. The fake travel agency is Starcity Travels & Tourism LLC, website: http://www.starcitytravels.com, email: workpermits.starcitytravels@gmail.com and mobile phone number +971 55 753 2504. 

The last four scams notified to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com as 4th November are for Kings College Dubai, the University of Modern Sciences in Dubai,  ADNOC School Abu Dhabi and the University of Wollongong in Dubai (October version).

The most recent scam notified to us on 4th November is Kings College Dubai.  This is a scam school that has been in operation since at least June this year when it was previously notified to us.  The fake website is https://kingscollegedubai.wixsite.com/moeducation/about and is so unprofessional that two different members of staff are included, each bearing the same name. Whereas previously, the College used Hamdan Travel Agency for visa processing; this has now been changed to Karim Travel Agency for which only a Gmail address is provided.

The second university notified in the past 10 days is for the University of Modern Sciences in Dubai – www.umsduac.com. This appears to be a copy of the genuine university’s website – www.ums.ae which can no longer be reached.  The President of the university as mentioned on the fake website was  (according to his LinkedIn profile) employed there until November 2020, when the university seems to have closed.  The travel agency through whom visa payments are required to be paid is Abdulla Al Mazroui Travel & Tourism Agency Dubai.  

The ADNOC School Abu Dhabi scammers claim to have a website, http://www.adnocsch-ae.com, but this is solely being used for emails.  The email address being used is 
info@adnocsch-ae.com. Details of the fake travel agent have not been advised – if you receive an offer from this school, please forward the content to us at info@whichschooladvisor.com.

If you receive an apparent scam offer for a ‘school’ WHICH IS NOT LISTED IN THIS ARTICLE, please email us with the details to info@whichschooladvisor.com (particularly the website details and those of the travel agency involved), so that we can pass this information on to the authorities to try get the website closed down.

The second scam this week is for the University of Wollongong Dubai using a fake website: https://www.uowuac.com. Offers are being sent from UOWD Building, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 20183.  The telephone number being used is another mobile number +971 50 872 0153. The website content has been stolen from the genuine University of Wollongong site – http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae. Again if you receive an offer from the fake university, please forward the content to us as above.

On 18th October we were notified of a scam involving Etihad Global International School Abu Dhabi. The fake website is https://www.ethdintsch.com/.

This appears to be linked to the Emaar International School scammers as both have copied the genuine Al Dhafra Schools website – https://www.dhafraschools.com/.&nbsp; The fake travel agency involved is High Waves Travel Agency.  We have also received notification of two recent offers from Emaar International School – fake site – https://eis-ae.com/, though there appears to be a change of travel agency to Intercity Travel & Tourism (previously West Bay).   

Only a weekend after the notification of Jumeirah Model School (see below), we have been notified of the revival of an old scam school – Amina International School Dubai – which we originally registered back in March 2020.  The fake school has been revived for the new academic year with a copy of the genuine Woodlem Park School (based in Ajman) website.  
On 13th October, we received details of a scam recruitment email sent by “Prof: Brian Moore/ Hr Director, Al Ittihad Model School, Abu Dhabi

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