About ESLKevin

This blogger also goes under the name of THE TEACHER and ALONE and has worked in 10 countries while traveling in more than 10 times that many–inlcuding some that no longer exist.

This blogger was married in 2008 but the German regime did not allow his wife from the Philippines to join him although she has every right to do so, i.e. according to EU and international aggreements.

He has since moved on to first Taiwan and now teaches in Oman.

p.S.  The author ran for USA president in 2008 and 2012 and is running for Senator in 2010 for the state of Kansas.  He is both humanitarian and Christian.  That means he is progressive and more on the ball than most of the tumbleweeds blowing around the US in congress or senate these days.

8 Responses to About ESLKevin

  1. Derek gaul says:

    Is the brother you mentioned in a few entries a teacher in fort Collins Colorado?

    If so he was my advanced course math teacher for several years and was a phenomenal positive influence in my life. Please say hi.

  2. M bevevino says:

    I liked your post”Not a Word Was Spoken.” I would like to use the text and 4 of the animal shots in my blog. Are the photos your own? I try to give author/photographer credit when it’s possible to find the sources. Any info you want to share will be appreciated. Thanks, M Bevevino

  3. Giulio Coppi says:

    Dear Kevin, I am a researcher currently in Salalah, and I would be interested in meeting if you’re still around… I’m at the Intercity Hotel

  4. Franticspeech says:

    KEVIN STODA-has been blessed to have either traveled in or worked in nearly 100 countries on five continents over the past two and a half decades.–He sees himself as a peace educator and have been– a promoter of good economic and social development–making-him an enemy of my homelands humongous DEFENSE SPENDING and its focus on using weapons to try and solve global issues.

    “I am from Kansas so I also use the pseudonym ‘Kansas’ and ‘alone’ when I write and publish.- I-keep two blogs–one with BLOGGER and one with WORDPRESS.- My writings range from reviews to editorials or to travel observations.- I also make recommendations related to policy–having both a-strong background in teaching foreign languages and degrees in teaching in history and the social sciences.–As a Midwesterner, I also write on religion and living out ones faith whether it be as a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist perspective.”

    Trying to show you another side of an argument proved to be another wasted time trying to talk to left wing humanities jackassess.
    You are a fraud.
    I met many like you. Believe in peace and love. But the world is not peace and love. So instead of pursuing the truth and making an effort, why bother right?? Is the world who is wrong not you. So you sell false and nefarious compassion to hide the lack of critical thinking and knowledge. And people love it right?
    To look so outrighteous, just sharing links….
    Fuck you. Don’t blog about Brazil because you are cluealless and your kind are no longer welcomed here

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