Stephen King on Trump’s Fanatics:“Jesus, man ….You act like the Red Chinese army was invading.”– “They’re just a bunch of scared and hungry people…”

From Stephen King {MID-320340}
Stephen King
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Bestselling author Stephen King on Monday weighed in on President Trump’s recent warnings to the migrant caravan moving through Mexico toward the United States. King’s criticism came in response to a tweet Trump shared on Sunday stating that “full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our Souther (sic) Border.” “Jesus, man,” King said in response to the tweet. “You act like the Red Chinese army was invading.” “They’re just a bunch of scared and hungry people,” the author said.

Read the rest of the story HERE:

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A Dad’s Work to Stop Superbugs

The Pew Charitable Trusts
Antibiotic Resistance Project
Inside NIH’s Fight Against Superbugs
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, addresses some of the greatest superbug threats—and what the agency is doing about them.
In Superbug Fight, ‘Victory Is Not at Hand’
“It’s a long road from exciting things happening in the lab to getting through a clinical process to the patient’s bedside,” Kathy Talkington, director of Pew’s antibiotic resistance project, explains in a Chicago Tribune editorial.
A Dad’s Work to Stop Superbugs
For Men’s Health Month—June—get to know Chris Linaman. After his heartbreaking superbug experience, he’s working to help others avoid the trauma he endured.
Antibiotics Weren’t Used to Cure These Patients. Fecal Bacteria Were.
Superbugs Could Render Even the Most Routine Procedures Deadly, Warns Chief Medical Officer
Stanley Falkow, Microbiologist Who Studied Bacteria and the Diseases They Cause, Dies At 84
Antibiotic-Resistant UTIs Are on the Rise Around The World
Antibiotics May Raise the Risk for Kidney Stones
Was this forwarded to you? Don’t miss the next email!
Antibiotics are fundamental to modern medicine, essential for treating everything from routine skin infections to strep throat, and for protecting vulnerable patients receiving chemotherapy or being treated in intensive care units.

Pew’s antibiotic resistance project is working to ensure both the prudent use of existing drugs and a robust pipeline of new drugs in order to meet current and future patient needs.

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Even if John Stewart is Gone, We all Need to Keep taking on FOX and all the Media

I am going to put a lot of John Stewart videos in the comment section, like this one:

You probably heard the great news – after a few years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show–but the Boycott Must Go On!!

Ten years ago, Media Matters launched with a revolutionary mission: to systematically monitor the U.S. media for conservative misinformation every day, in real time. We’ve been calling out right-wing lies for a decade — and we’re not done yet. Will you contribute now to help us raise $10,000 for our 10th anniversary?

Media Matters Timeline

For ten years, we’ve successfully fought back against the bad actors that poison our media with right-wing lies and smears. It’s been an amazing beginning, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

We’re in this for the long haul. Make an anniversary gift today to kickstart the next ten years of media accountability.

Dear Kevin,
You probably heard the great news – after two years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show.
Beck was targeted after he slandered President Obama by saying, “This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or the white culture, I don’t know what it is… This guy, I believe, is a racist.”
Activists at ColorOfChange, Media Matters, StopBeck, FoxNewsBoycott, and of course responded with a boycott of advertisers on Glenn Beck’s show. Ultimately over 300 advertisers pulled their ads from Beck, costing FOX over $40 million.
Advertiser boycotts work! And it’s time to boycott all FOX News advertisers:
We’re starting our boycott of all FOX News with Proactiv, which sells acne medicine to teenagers and young adults. Why?
First, there are lots of other acne treatments. Second, young adults above all are hurt by FOX News, which promotes right-wing policies on race, education, healthcare, the environment, and war. Let’s get our future leaders to lead the fight against FOX News!
Sign the petition to Proactiv and enter the email address of every young adult over 18 you know:
Beyond President Obama, FOX regularly slanders nearly everyone: Democrats, unionized workers, the unemployed (including veterans and 99ers), environmentalists, feminists, blacks, Hiics, Jews, Muslims, progressives, scientists, and any other group it disagrees with.
FOX News broadcasts rightwing extremist slander, incitement to violence, political propaganda, and outright lies to promote its rightwing political agenda. This is not “news,” but rather a never-ending “war on news” – and it’s all documented in our petition.
Why would any decent company want to fund it? Tell Proactiv to stop advertising on FOX News:
Thanks for all you do!
Bob Fertik

GLEN BECK ADMITTED in 2007, “I Am RACIST and Barack Obama is very White” THIS MAKES Boycotting FOX NEWS needed NOW

By Kevin Stoda

Dear, American supporters of the Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) news networks.

AMERICANS are getting less tolerant of your racism and stronghold on our major media.

For example, we have noted that in his 2007 TV program from FOX (See on You-Tube), Glen Beck admitted he himself was racist. Further, Beck then, in contrast to 2009, called Barrack Obama much more white than black. (Apparently, Beck now he has other nonsense to mush men’s minds.)

Using a major news platform to promote racism and to tell people to disrespect a whole presidential administration through mixed truths, outright lies, and xenophobia, is not to be tolerated any more.

On Democracy Now today, Amy Goodman asked Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP what he thought of Wal-Mart’s pull-out from advertising on the Glen Beck program on FOX.

NOTE: Goodman had simply asked , “The whole attack by Glenn Beck that drove this (resignation)? In your response from the NAACP to Van Jones, it says, ´The only thing more outrageous than Mr. Beck’s attack on Van Jones is the fact that there are sponsors that continue to pay him to provide this type of offensive commentary.` Do you support the continued boycott of companies like Wal-Mart of Beck’s show on Fox?”

This is a particularly important point because Glen Beck´s HATE CAMPAIGN ON THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION led recently to a great American policy maker, Van Jones, quitting the government this week.

Mr. Jealous said, “We certainly support them (Walmart) choosing with their dollars who they’re going to support. I mean, it’s—Glenn Beck is somebody who’s told a seven-year-old girl, a seven-year-old black girl, that he would buy her a ticket back to Africa, that she needed to go back to Africa. And then he comes out, and he says that healthcare is the beginning of reparations. I mean, this guy plays the race card on a weekly basis. He does it very aggressive—you know, in a very hateful way.”

Recall, first, that Van Jones is one of the most important and thoughtful men in America—however, the FOX (Fascist Oddball Xenophobic) news network chose to support a man, like Glen Beck, rather than seeing that tens of millions of Americans need to get health care from promoters like Jones and that our America economy needs to move starting today to the kind of economy that its competitors worldwide are already doing.

Let’s quote the wisdom and influential words of Van Jones on the absolute necessity to green the American economy NOW!

“I think it’s really important to point out that we’re sort of at the end of an era of American capitalism, where we thought we could run the economy based on consumption rather than production, credit rather than creativity, borrowing rather than building, and also, most importantly, environmental destruction rather than environmental restoration.”

Jones continued, “We’re trying to make the case in this book that that era is over. We now have to move in a very different direction. And key to that will be basing the US economy not on credit cards, but based on clean energy and the clean energy revolution that would put literally millions of people to work, putting up solar panels all across the United States, weatherizing buildings so they don’t leak so much energy and put up so much carbon, building wind farms and wave farms, manufacturing wind turbines. We argue you could put Detroit back to work not making SUVs to destroy the world, but making wind turbines, 8,000 finely machine parts in each one, twenty tons of steel in each wind tower, making wind turbines to help save the world.”

Finally, Van Jones wisely noted, “So we think that you can fight pollution and poverty at the same time. We think that you can actually power our way through this recession by putting people to work, but we’re going to have to start building things here and re-powering, retrofitting, retooling America, and that that’s the way forward both for the economy, for the earth and for everyday people.”

Note: These statements came from a program on DN from October of last year:

Van Beck has written a book of the same title, The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.

America needs such voices as Van Jones in government leadership in America—not Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) types.

Clean up the American airwaves of all its fascism and racism, today.

NOTE: One way to change the noise of Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) media moguls is to support alternative media organizations

and alternative monitoring websites.

Another way, is to demand that local radio and TV channels put better programming on, such as Democracy Now or news sources promoted by serious progressive journalists:

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Presente–We Remember Elliot Abrams in 1981 (HORRIBLE MAN)


What Did Elliott Abrams Have to Do With the El Mozote Massacre?

Inadvertently, Ilhan Omar revealed that Trump may have picked the right man to implement his policy in Venezuela.6:00 AM ET

Raymond BonnerAuthor of Weakness and Deceit: America and El Salvador’s Dirty War

A member of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team works at the scene of the El Mozote massacre.
A member of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team works at the scene of the El Mozote massacre.JOSE CABEZAS / REUTERS

In a testy exchange with Elliott Abrams on Wednesday, Representative Ilhan Omar resurrected the memory of El Salvador’s El Mozote massacre, one of the worst mass killings in modern Latin American history. Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, was all of two months old when the December 1981 massacre took place. Abrams, President Donald Trump’s new special envoy for Venezuela, was a senior State Department official in the Reagan administration, which was sending military and economic aid into El Salvador to defeat a leftist insurgency and stop what it saw as a wave of communism approaching the United States.

What happened in 1981? And what did Abrams have to do with it?

More than 900 peasants were murdered in and around several villages in the eastern province of Morazán. Most were old men, women, and children. At the Roman Catholic church in El Mozote, soldiers separated men from their families, took them away, and shot them. They herded mothers and children into the convent. Putting their American-supplied M-16 rifles on automatic, the soldiers opened fire. Then they burned the convent. Some 140 children were killed, including toddlers. Average age: 6.

Omar’s questioning of Abrams was not artful, and Abrams wasn’t unreasonable in viewing it as a personal attack. But she was right to suggest that he had sought to diminish or even cover up the massacre by calling it communist propaganda. Nor was she wrong to question whether Abrams was ethically qualified to assume a high government position, with the mission to oust the Venezuelan dictatorship and promote democracy.

Read the rest of this article here.

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Princess is terrorized, tortured, and imprisoned for years


UAE releases photos of ‘runaway’ princess

See the videos in Comments Below

At Home With Family: UAE Releases First Pictures Of Runaway Princess › World

Dec 25, 2018 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The UAE released Monday the first photos of a runaway princess since her attempted escape from the emirate …

Dubai’s runaway Princess in last known photo as she flees billionaire ……/Dubais-runaway-Princess-known-photo-flees-billionaire-…Dec 4, 2018 – Dubai’s ‘runaway Princess‘ smiles as she is seen for the last time fleeing her billionaire father’s strict Arab country in failed bid to begin new life …

New photos emerge of Dubai’s ‘runaway Princess’ Latifa | Daily Mail ……/New-photos-emerge-Dubais-runaway-Princess-Latifa-six…Sep 4, 2018 – New photos emerge of Dubai’s ‘runaway Princess‘ not seen for six months since she tried to flee her father’s kingdom – as Amnesty accuses country of her ‘torture and kidnap’ … Princess Latifa is believed to have been taken back to the country of her father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid …

Escape From Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess review – a ……/escape-from-dubai-the-mystery-of-the-missing-princess…Dec 6, 2018 – Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum vanished in February, apparently … Escape From Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess review – a shocking tale of …. Runaway 32-year-old princess ‘brought back’ to Dubai.

Dubai’s ‘Runaway Princess’ Starting New Life Pictures Show | Al ……/dubais-runaway-princess-starting-new-life-pictures-sho…

Sep 5, 2018 – New photos have emerged of the runaway daughter of the ruler of Dubai six months after she tried to flee from the country to start a new life.

UAE releases pictures of runaway princess to prove she is home and … › World

Dec 25, 2018 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates (UAE), on Monday, released the first photographs of a runaway princess, to prove that …

Dubai Princess Latifa Who Tried to ‘Run Away’ Seen Alive Again in …

Dec 24, 2018 – Sheikha Latifa, daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was seen in new photos after being allegedly captured an …

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More Saudi Coverups in the USA

Probe Begins into Disappearance of Saudi Students in U.S. Facing Criminal Charges

FEB 15, 2019

H17 sauditeens

The Oregonian newspaper is reporting federal law enforcement officials have launched an investigation after a number of Saudi students living in the United States vanished while they were facing serious criminal charges, including manslaughter and rape. The paper found that in at least four cases the Saudi government paid the defendants’ bail and legal fees before they disappeared. In one case, police believe Saudi officials snuck a Saudi national out of the country on a private plane using a fake passport so he could avoid being tried for killing a 15-year-old Portland teenager in a hit-and-run.

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We demand End to Trump Prohibiting Asylum-seekers from claiming their right

ACLU Sues over New U.S. Asylum Policy

FEB 15, 2019

H16 migrants asylum

The American Civil Liberties Union and a group of other civil rights organizations have sued the Trump administration over its new policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while the United States processes their asylum claims. Melissa Crow of the the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is part of the suit, said, “This misguided policy deprives vulnerable individuals of humanitarian protections that have been on the books for decades and puts their lives in jeopardy.”

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El-Sisi elected again to Pharoah until at least 2034, when he may be mummified

Egyptian Parliament Clears Way for el-Sisi to Rule Until 2034

FEB 15, 2019

H13 sisi

The Egyptian Parliament has cleared the way for President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to rule the country until 2034. Human rights groups in Egypt denounced the move, saying it will permit el-Sisi to “retain power for life and exercise unprecedented unilateral authority.” Since coming to office following the 2013 coup, el-Sisi has imprisoned thousands of his critics. Last year, the former military general won a widely criticized election where he received 97 percent of the vote after all of his main opponents were jailed or forced to drop out. Soon after last year’s vote, President Trump called el-Sisi to congratulate him on his re-election.

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Pence Urges Europe to Pull Out of Iran Nuke Deal

FEB 15, 2019

H9 pence

Vice President Mike Pence called on European allies to pull out of the historic Iran nuclear accord, while accusing Europe of trying to undermine U.S. sanctions against Tehran. Pence made the comment during a summit in Warsaw organized by the United States.

Vice President Mike Pence: “The time has come for our European partners to stand with us and the Iranian people, to stand with our allies and friends in the region. The time has come for our European partners to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and join with us, as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the Iranian people, the region and the world the peace, security and freedom they deserve.”

The EU’s top diplomat, Federica Mogherini, responded by saying that the European Union still believes that upholding the Iran nuclear deal is an essential way to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Venezuela Accuses Elliott Abrams of Threatening to Deploy U.S. Troops

FEB 15, 2019

H10 venezuela

The Venezuelan government is accusing Trump’s special envoy Elliott Abrams of threatening to deploy U.S. troops to Venezuela during secret talks between the two sides. Venezuelan officials told the Associated Press that Abrams made the threat during previously undisclosed meetings in New York with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. During the talks, Arreaza invited Abrams to come to Venezuela to speak with President Nicolás Maduro.

Cuba Claims U.S. Has Begun Moving Special Forces into Caribbean to Get Closer to Venezuela

FEB 15, 2019

Cuba has publicly accused the United States of moving special forces to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands as part of a covert plan to topple the Venezuelan government. U.S. special envoy Elliott Abrams accused Cuba of lying. Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced a group of about 50 nations have joined a new coalition to oppose U.S.-backed efforts to topple the Venezuelan government.

Jorge Arreaza: “Thank you. Yes, indeed, those so-called sanctions are not sanctions, because the U.S. has no moral, no authority, in order to impose sanctions to anyone. So, it’s in breach of this charter. So we are going to compel and to convince humanity and the world that no government in the world can take such decisions. Only the group of measures, if they were adopted by the U.N. organisms, by the Security Council, can be legal. The rest are unilateral actions that must be rejected by all the peoples of this world.”

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Former Deputy FBI Director Speaks Out on Launching Counterintelligence Probe of Trump

FEB 15, 2019

H8 mccabe

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has spoken out for the first time about why he ordered a counterintelligence investigation involving President Trump and his ties to Russia after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in 2017. McCabe will appear on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, but an excerpt of the interview, conducted by Scott Pelley, has already been released.

Scott Pelley: “How long was it after that, that you decided to start the obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations involving the president?”

Andrew McCabe: “I think the next day I met with the team investigating the Russia cases, and I asked the team to go back and conduct an assessment to determine where are we with these efforts and what steps do we need to take going forward.”

In the interview, McCabe also confirms that Justice Department officials discussed recruiting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. He also confirmed that former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered to wear a wire in meetings with the president.

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“For me and most of my friends, we fight our trauma by fighting against gun violence and the system that perpetrates it.”

Parkland Shooting Survivor Emma González: “We Fight Our Trauma by Fighting Against Gun Violence”

FEB 15, 2019

H6 parklan emma

On Thursday, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, and schools across the United States observed a moment of silence to remember the 17 students, staff and teachers who were killed in Parkland on February 14, 2018, in one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. One of the students who survived the shooting, Emma González, spoke at an event in New York.

Emma González: “A lot of people either don’t know about or forget about the trauma of gun violence, and that it doesn’t only resurface on the anniversary of the event. Every day, I feel the same. Every day, my friends feel the same. Every day, it feels like the shooting is happening again or happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow. … For me and most of my friends, we fight our trauma by fighting against gun violence and the system that perpetrates it.”

Since the the Parkland shooting, nearly 1,200 children have been killed by guns in the United States. Meanwhile, a new survey from NPR and PBS has found that over a quarter of parents with school-age children say their child knows someone who has been the victim of gun violence.

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More U.S. Workers Went on Strike in 2018 Than in Any Year in Three Decades

FEB 15, 2019

H5 strike

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows more U.S. workers went on strike last year than in any year since 1986. Nearly 500,000 workers took part in a major work stoppage in 2018.

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DENVER: This marked the ninth major U.S. teachers’ strike in the past 12 months

Denver Teachers Declare Victory After 3-Day Strike

FEB 15, 2019

H4 denverteachers

Denver school teachers are declaring victory after securing a nearly 12 percent pay raise and annual cost-of-living increases following a 3-day strike. Teachers returned to class on Thursday after a tentative agreement was reached. Denver Classroom Teachers Association President Henry Román said, “This agreement is a win, plain and simple: for our students, for our educators and for our communities. No longer will our students see their education disrupted because their teachers cannot afford to stay in their classrooms.” This marked the ninth major U.S. teachers’ strike in the past 12 months.TOPICS:

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