Even if John Stewart is Gone, We all Need to Keep taking on FOX and all the Media

I am going to put a lot of John Stewart videos in the comment section, like this one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO_om3iK9kE

You probably heard the great news – after a few years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show–but the Boycott Must Go On!!

Ten years ago, Media Matters launched with a revolutionary mission: to systematically monitor the U.S. media for conservative misinformation every day, in real time. We’ve been calling out right-wing lies for a decade — and we’re not done yet. Will you contribute now to help us raise $10,000 for our 10th anniversary?

Media Matters Timeline

For ten years, we’ve successfully fought back against the bad actors that poison our media with right-wing lies and smears. It’s been an amazing beginning, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

We’re in this for the long haul. Make an anniversary gift today to kickstart the next ten years of media accountability.

Dear Kevin,
You probably heard the great news – after two years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show.
Beck was targeted after he slandered President Obama by saying, “This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or the white culture, I don’t know what it is… This guy, I believe, is a racist.”
Activists at ColorOfChange, Media Matters, StopBeck, FoxNewsBoycott, and of course Democrats.com responded with a boycott of advertisers on Glenn Beck’s show. Ultimately over 300 advertisers pulled their ads from Beck, costing FOX over $40 million.
Advertiser boycotts work! And it’s time to boycott all FOX News advertisers:
We’re starting our boycott of all FOX News with Proactiv, which sells acne medicine to teenagers and young adults. Why?
First, there are lots of other acne treatments. Second, young adults above all are hurt by FOX News, which promotes right-wing policies on race, education, healthcare, the environment, and war. Let’s get our future leaders to lead the fight against FOX News!
Sign the petition to Proactiv and enter the email address of every young adult over 18 you know:
Beyond President Obama, FOX regularly slanders nearly everyone: Democrats, unionized workers, the unemployed (including veterans and 99ers), environmentalists, feminists, blacks, Hiics, Jews, Muslims, progressives, scientists, and any other group it disagrees with.
FOX News broadcasts rightwing extremist slander, incitement to violence, political propaganda, and outright lies to promote its rightwing political agenda. This is not “news,” but rather a never-ending “war on news” – and it’s all documented in our petition.
Why would any decent company want to fund it? Tell Proactiv to stop advertising on FOX News:
Thanks for all you do!
Bob Fertik

GLEN BECK ADMITTED in 2007, “I Am RACIST and Barack Obama is very White” THIS MAKES Boycotting FOX NEWS needed NOW

By Kevin Stoda

Dear, American supporters of the Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) news networks.

AMERICANS are getting less tolerant of your racism and stronghold on our major media.

For example, we have noted that in his 2007 TV program from FOX (See on You-Tube), Glen Beck admitted he himself was racist. Further, Beck then, in contrast to 2009, called Barrack Obama much more white than black. (Apparently, Beck now he has other nonsense to mush men’s minds.)


Using a major news platform to promote racism and to tell people to disrespect a whole presidential administration through mixed truths, outright lies, and xenophobia, is not to be tolerated any more.

On Democracy Now today, Amy Goodman asked Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP what he thought of Wal-Mart’s pull-out from advertising on the Glen Beck program on FOX.

NOTE: Goodman had simply asked , “The whole attack by Glenn Beck that drove this (resignation)? In your response from the NAACP to Van Jones, it says, ´The only thing more outrageous than Mr. Beck’s attack on Van Jones is the fact that there are sponsors that continue to pay him to provide this type of offensive commentary.` Do you support the continued boycott of companies like Wal-Mart of Beck’s show on Fox?”


This is a particularly important point because Glen Beck´s HATE CAMPAIGN ON THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION led recently to a great American policy maker, Van Jones, quitting the government this week.


Mr. Jealous said, “We certainly support them (Walmart) choosing with their dollars who they’re going to support. I mean, it’s—Glenn Beck is somebody who’s told a seven-year-old girl, a seven-year-old black girl, that he would buy her a ticket back to Africa, that she needed to go back to Africa. And then he comes out, and he says that healthcare is the beginning of reparations. I mean, this guy plays the race card on a weekly basis. He does it very aggressive—you know, in a very hateful way.”

Recall, first, that Van Jones is one of the most important and thoughtful men in America—however, the FOX (Fascist Oddball Xenophobic) news network chose to support a man, like Glen Beck, rather than seeing that tens of millions of Americans need to get health care from promoters like Jones and that our America economy needs to move starting today to the kind of economy that its competitors worldwide are already doing.


Let’s quote the wisdom and influential words of Van Jones on the absolute necessity to green the American economy NOW!

“I think it’s really important to point out that we’re sort of at the end of an era of American capitalism, where we thought we could run the economy based on consumption rather than production, credit rather than creativity, borrowing rather than building, and also, most importantly, environmental destruction rather than environmental restoration.”

Jones continued, “We’re trying to make the case in this book that that era is over. We now have to move in a very different direction. And key to that will be basing the US economy not on credit cards, but based on clean energy and the clean energy revolution that would put literally millions of people to work, putting up solar panels all across the United States, weatherizing buildings so they don’t leak so much energy and put up so much carbon, building wind farms and wave farms, manufacturing wind turbines. We argue you could put Detroit back to work not making SUVs to destroy the world, but making wind turbines, 8,000 finely machine parts in each one, twenty tons of steel in each wind tower, making wind turbines to help save the world.”

Finally, Van Jones wisely noted, “So we think that you can fight pollution and poverty at the same time. We think that you can actually power our way through this recession by putting people to work, but we’re going to have to start building things here and re-powering, retrofitting, retooling America, and that that’s the way forward both for the economy, for the earth and for everyday people.”

Note: These statements came from a program on DN from October of last year:


Van Beck has written a book of the same title, The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.


America needs such voices as Van Jones in government leadership in America—not Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) types.

Clean up the American airwaves of all its fascism and racism, today.


NOTE: One way to change the noise of Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) media moguls is to support alternative media organizations


and alternative monitoring websites.


Another way, is to demand that local radio and TV channels put better programming on, such as Democracy Now or news sources promoted by serious progressive journalists:


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Trump Needs to be Born-Again (The Version Some Christians have Foisted on Us is Unacceptable)

“You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’”

John 3:7

I have never been big on spiritual jargon. The terminology of being “born again,” which is often associated with fundamentalist Christianity, has lost much of its radical implications. When Dr. King famously said, “America, you must be born again,” he meant it more than in a legalistic religious sense. For King, being born again meant the “whole structure must be changed.” This goes beyond small tweaks or surface level changes, it’s a dramatic and foundational realignment. Being born again is more than asking Jesus into our hearts, it’s asking Jesus to topple everything that stands against his kingdom of peace and justice. To truly be born again is to be born of love. For a nation to be born again would require a spiritual, political, and economic revolution of love. Now that kind of rebirth is something I can get behind.

Rev. Dr. Shawn Casselberry is a passionate advocate for God’s justice, author of God is in the City and the upcoming book Soul Force: Seven Pivots to Courage, Community, and Change (June 2018), and Executive Director for Mission Year, a leading national Christian ministry that invites 18-29 to love God, love people, and be a force for justice in the world. Dr. Casselberry has a passion for mentoring young adults and mobilizing the church around issues of racial and economic justice, particularly mass incarceration and youth violence.
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We have the most War-Oriented-Prez ever and a Congress who wants to spend more than the DOD or We need nor Want

Tomgram: Rajan Menon, A Second Korean War?

Honestly, how many times in your life have you ever run across a headline like this:


“Top general says he would resist ‘illegal’ nuke order from Trump”?  That was Air Force General John Hyten, head of the U.S. Strategic Command, the present commander of American nuclear forces, speaking at a conference in Canada last November.  I mean, this has assumedly been an issue with every recent president for whom the nuclear “football,” aka “button” — actually a relatively mundane briefcase — was always on hand.  Any of them had the singular ability to order the American nuclear arsenal into play (a deeply inappropriate word for what would follow but in the spirit of “football”).

We’ve just taken a step or two back from a potential fire-and-fury moment on the Korean peninsula, with most eyes focused on North Korea.  There, a strange autocrat with a bizarre hairdo has been bragging about the nuclear “button” on his desk, while overseeing his country’s testing of long-range missiles and what may have been its first hydrogen bomb. It’s the sort of thing that could leave anyone edgy. And if that makes you nervous, consider this: on the other side of the planet, a strange figure with autocratic tendencies and a bizarre hairdo, a “very stable genius,” has been bragging about his own “button” and, unlike the North Koreans, we know that the nukes in his arsenal are quite capable of hitting their targets.

Worse yet, as the Guardian reported recently, that arsenal, already the biggest on the planet, is about to be made significantly more “usable” in the age of Trump. His administration’s upcoming Nuclear Posture Review, the first in eight years, will reportedly lift constraints on the kinds of situations (including non-nuclear ones) in which American nuclear weapons might be used, while focusing on producing a new, low-yield, more “usable” warhead and other so-called tactical nukes. This is frightening stuff for an arsenal already undergoing a 30-year, possibly $1.7 trillion upgrade. Mind you, the saddest story of all is that while The Donald has openly exhibited a strange fascination with nukes and their power to destroy, he’s otherwise been in remarkably good company. After all, our last president — you know, the one who gave that 2009 speech about a “world without nuclear weapons” and got the Nobel Prize for his abolitionist stand — somehow managed to oversee the launching of that 30-year nuclear “modernization” program before leaving office.

So, yes, worry about North Korea and its unnerving leader. But worry more about whether General Hyten would really find an order to use nukes “illegal” and resist it. And while you’re at it, join TomDispatch regular Rajan Menon in considering the most anxiety-producing place on the planet right now, that focus of tweet storms (and possibly storms of a far more consequential kind), the Korean peninsula. Tom

Avoiding Armageddon in Korea
Or Launching a War for the Ages
By Rajan Menon

Most people intuitively get it. An American preventive strike to wipe out North Korea’s nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles, or a commando raid launched with the same goal in mind, is likely to initiate a chain of events culminating in catastrophe. That would be true above all for the roughly 76 million Koreans living on either side of the Demilitarized Zone. Donald Trump, though, seems unperturbed.  His recent contribution to defusing the crisis there: boasting that his nuclear button is “bigger and more powerful” than that of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The president’s high school locker-room braggadocio provided rich material for comedians and maybe for shrinks. Meanwhile, there remains the continuing danger of a war in the Koreas, whether premeditated or triggered accidently by a ship seized, an aircraft downed, a signal misread… you get the picture. No serious person could dismiss this scenario, but even the experts who track the evidence closely for a living differ on just how probable it is. In part, that’s because, like everyone else, they must reckon with a colossal wild card — and I’m not talking about Kim Jong-un.

Click here to read more of this dispatch.

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So, Wad’ya Know?

Read more

fortune telling economists thumbnail


Far from rational, humans are spurred by a sense of cooperation, purpose and, sometimes, selflessness. (Sometimes.)

flu pandemic thumbnail


A century ago, doctors were too “overwhelmed with urgent relief work” related to the influenza outbreak to collect important data.

star wars thumbnail


Through their Force Bond, Kylo Ren and Rey are able to speak to, touch, and see each other while light years apart. But philosopher Douglas Hofstadter might offer a different explanation.

tea thumbnail


Marketers had to convince British tea drinkers to drink tea grown within their own empire; they far preferred Chinese tea.

air force thumbnail


From Narratively: Major Robert Lawrence was trained by the Air Force in an elite Cold War-era program. This is why you’ve never heard of him.
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Nonviolence is a core tenant of Gospel and Christianity

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Matthew 5:43-44

Nonviolence is a core tenet of Christianity. Enemy love, peacemaking, and forgiveness all require a deep commitment to nonviolence. This is because love is fundamentally nonviolent. But we live in a world of violence. We are a nation with the largest stockpiles of weapons. We have the highest rates of gun violence. The largest numbers of incarcerated people. We watch violence for entertainment. Dr. King said, “We still have a choice today: nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation. This may well be humankind’s last chance to choose between chaos and community.” His principles of nonviolence are not only a means to avoid annihilation or broker peace, they are a tangible means for us to be Christian in a world inundated with violence.

Rev. Dr. Shawn Casselberry is a passionate advocate for God’s justice, author of God is in the City and the upcoming book Soul Force: Seven Pivots to Courage, Community, and Change (June 2018), and Executive Director for Mission Year, a leading national Christian ministry that invites 18-29 to love God, love people, and be a force for justice in the world. Dr. Casselberry has a passion for mentoring young adults and mobilizing the church around issues of racial and economic justice, particularly mass incarceration and youth violence.
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Worker Rights are Women’s Rights & VisaVersa

Dear Kevin,

Between brave women coming forward to share their stories, and serial predators finally facing consequences for their actions, together we are all witnessing a shift in narrative.

It is exciting to feel that we may be on the cusp of cultural change. But the ultimate test of how far-reaching this apparent change is will be when the man who became President 364 days ago, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 22women, is held accountable for those actions.

In my blog for open Democracy on #metoo in the global workplace, I ask the question: If the wealthiest and most well-known women in the world sometimes can’t get through even a day at work without being groped – what does that say about the rest of the world? To me, it says we need to get up, get out and keep fighting in the tradition of our sisters from decades and centuries past.

Find a 2018 Women’s March Anniversary event near you!

This Saturday I’ll be marching in the streets — and I hope you’ll join me! We must take every opportunity to remind the world that workers’ rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are worker rights. We must remind each other that the liberation of women, transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people and the liberation of workers are so deeply intertwined that we can’t speak of one without the other. We must remind each other that the corporations that steal our wages and our time are the same ones that insulate abusers and harassers from consequences, and the same ones that benefit from shirking responsibility for sexual violence in their supply chains.

This weekend, fight for working women by joining an event near you, following us on Twitter to hear our executive director Judy Gearhart’s speech at the DC Women’s March, and sharing this article with someone you love.

In solidarity,

Sarah Newell
Campaigns Associate

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Still No Disaster Relief for Puerto Rico–Thanks to Trump’s Shutdown

Government Shutdown Solutions Could Leave Out Disaster Aid for Puerto Rico

Posted: 19 Jan 2018 01:42 PM PST

As the Senate and White House struggle to avert a government shutdown, US disaster victims from Puerto Rico to Texas worry a deal on relief and recovery aid will continue to be delayed. Moody’s rating agency estimates that Puerto Rico alone needs an upwards of $90 billion in aid to rebuild.

“Congress has failed to deliver recovery and relief aid to millions of US citizens affected by natural disasters in the last year,” stated Eric LeCompte, executive director of the religious development group, Jubilee USA. “We are really concerned for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The islands were already dealing with high child poverty rates, developing world conditions and financial crises well before the hurricanes struck.”

In the last days of 2017, the US House of Representatives voted for an $81 billion dollar aid package for Texas, Florida, California, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The House Bill fell short of the requests made by the Governors of the affected areas. As of Friday morning, Senators were still trying to negotiate some relief aid funding for Puerto Rico.

“It’s absolutely essential that Congress moves forward a recovery package as soon as possible. Aid must be enough to fully fund Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to rebuild to withstand the next storm,” said LeCompte who met with Republican and Democratic leadership on moving forward a recovery package. Since September, LeCompte’s organization generated thousands of petitions, phone calls and e-mails to Congress and the White House to provide relief for the US Territories through a series of action alerts.

As Congress wrestles with a recovery package for the beleaguered islands, Puerto Rico’s oversight board and Governor are preparing to release a new post hurricane economic plan. Before the hurricanes hit, Puerto Rico was entangled in a congressionally crafted bankruptcy process to deal with $72 billion in debt. The new fiscal plan will state how debt will be dealt with in a post hurricane Puerto Rico.

“The new plan for Puerto Rico must address the devastation caused by the hurricane and the problems that caused the prior deterioration of the economy,” a group of notable economists reflected in an open statement they released on Friday. Signers included: Antonio Weiss, former Counselor to the US Treasury Secretary; Nobel Prize winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz; Simon Johnson, former International Monetary Fund chief economist; Mario Marazzi Santiago of the Puerto Rican Institute of Statistics; former top United Nations adviser, Jeffrey Sachs; Jason Furman, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers; and Gene Sperling, former director of the National Economic Council.

The economist release entitled, “A Fiscal Plan for Puerto Rico,” calls for debt relief and substantial aid for Puerto Rico. The statement comes as Congress, the White House and the Island’s Governor and oversight board make decisions around the fate of the 3.5 million US citizens who call Puerto Rico home.

“The new final fiscal plan cannot allow a penny to be paid for debt until Puerto Rico sees positive economic recovery and is fully funded to be able to rebuild to withstand the next storm,” LeCompte noted. “Beyond the significant debt relief needed, Puerto Rico needs to stop all debt payments for at least five years.”

For nearly two years before the hurricanes struck, religious groups in Puerto Rico and the United States were advocating various solutions to deal with the growing financial crisis and high poverty rates. Shortly before Christmas, religious groups gathered in a Congress building to call for relief and aid. Supporting and participating groups included the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, United Church of Christ, Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, Franciscan Action Network, the National Association of Evangelicals, Muslim Public Affairs Council and Islamic Relief.

During the prayer service, Puerto Rico’s Archbishop Roberto González Nieves reflected, “Puerto Rico desperately needs a complete debt relief, funding for rebuilding, and equal access to Medicare, Medicaid and child tax benefit funding. […] Today we pray with the persistence and tenacity of the widow of the gospel; we pray full of hope that the miracle of compassion, openness toward and solidarity with Puerto Rico may come true.”

Take Action: Puerto Rico Trapped in Government Shutdown Debate

Posted: 18 Jan 2018 01:59 PM PST

By: Eric LeCompte

As Congress works to avoid a government shutdown, a crucial part of the debate is the funding for relief and recovery aid desperately needed for disaster victims in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Florida, Texas and California.

Republican and Democratic leadership have told Jubilee USA that your phone calls and messages for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are making a BIG difference. Please act now.

Hurricane victims in Puerto and the US Virgin Islands are suffering as Congress debates a government shut down. Please send a message to your Senators and Representative and tell them Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands needs recovery funding to rebuild to withstand the next storm. Let Congress know that Puerto Rico needs debt relief. Tell them that US Citizens living in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands should be able to receive the same level of access to Medicaid, Medicare and child tax benefits that citizens can access who live in the States.

Because of the pressure we put on Congress in recent weeks, we stripped the final Congress tax package of an “excise” tax on Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Our collective action makes a big difference.

Send a message to Congress now. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands need recovery funding to rebuild to withstand the next storm. Tell them Puerto Rico needs debt relief. US Citizens living in Puerto Rico should be able to access Medicaid, Medicare and child tax benefits that citizens can access who live in the States.‎

At the end of 2017, Jubilee USA and our partners hosted a prayer service in Congress for Puerto Rico. Supporting and participating groups included the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, United Church of Christ, Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, Franciscan Action Network, the National Association of Evangelicals, Muslim Public Affairs Council and Islamic Relief. During the prayer service, Puerto Rico’s Archbishop Roberto González Nieves reflected, “Puerto Rico desperately needs a complete debt relief, funding for rebuilding, and equal access to Medicare, Medicaid and child tax benefit funding. […] Today we pray with the persistence and tenacity of the widow of the gospel; we pray full of hope that the miracle of compassion, openness toward and solidarity with Puerto Rico may come true.”

Your calls and messages are urgently needed as Jubilee USA and our partners continue to walk the halls of Congress. Together we can win the aid and relief Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands desperately needs.

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This morning marks the start of a week-long National Strike in Honduras in protest of the January 27th swearing in of Dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez

“Once Washington recognized the president elect, the international community bent its knees…The power of the United States made itself felt with all of its force. All it took was for it to speak or the rest to break their silence. The protests against the fraud didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if there was or wasn’t fraud in the elections on November 26th. Nor did it matter the country in which the crisis had occurred. What mattered for the so-called ‘international community’ was their submission to the word dictated by Washington. Once again the power of empire and the non-existence of countries like Honduras was made clear. What occurred in the present and the future of this country is the least important. If their peoples are broken by internal conflicts, if a dictatorship is installed, this does not matter. What matters are geopolitical and financial interests.”
– Jesuit priest Ismael Moreno, known as Padre Melo

This morning marks the start of a week-long National Strike in Honduras in protest of the January 27th swearing in of Juan Orlando Hernandez for a second presidential term despite fraudulent elections. In the weeks leading up to this National Strike, there has been a marked increase in targeted repression of protest leaders, human rights defenders, and journalists. SOA Watch condemns the ongoing brutal counterinsurgency tactics carried out by the US-trained and financed state security forces aimed at creating terror in an attempt to break the legitimate opposition of the Honduran people to the imposition of a US-backed dictator.

Take action: Join a protest, organize an event, visit your congressperson, or speak out on social media in solidarity with the people of Honduras and against continued US financing of the murderous Honduran regime.

Over 30 people have been murdered, many of whom were killed by the Military Police or other state security forces who fired live bullets at protesters, and hundreds of others have been injured or tortured.  According to human rights organization COFADEH (Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras), over one thousand people have been detained and many are facing criminal charges aimed at silencing dissent. Others have been victims of torture or have had to flee for their lives. Security forces have entered neighborhoods, setting off teargas inside homes with children present, and seizing adults for arbitrary arrests. Jesuit priest Father Melo has received death threats and he and other social movement leaders have been the subject of vicious defamation campaigns. Lawyers Victor and Martin Fernandez, leaders of the Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice, have been targeted after speaking out about the January 1 death squad-style execution of Wilmer Paredes, an anti-fraud protest leader in the Atlántida region who had also been tortured and beaten by state security forces. On Tuesday, 50 state agents surrounded the home of Francisco Godinez, coordinator of the campesino organization CNTC, to try to arrest him. Journalists covering the protests have been attacked and had their equipment destroyed.  The list of horrific repression goes on and on.
It is in this context that hundreds of thousands of Hondurans are taking to the streets all across the country today in direct action to refuse to recognize the imposition of Juan Orlando Hernandez. If not for the US support and recognition of Hernandez, it is doubtful that his regime would be able to survive the massive popular outcry. Last night, well-known activist Edwin Espinal was arrested on his way home and is awaiting a hearing inside a military base. Both through support of the regime and training and financing of the security forces, the US is directly responsible for the bloodbath taking place in Honduras.

Join Hondurans in taking action this week to call for an end to US financing of the illegitimate regime in Honduras!

#SolidarityHonduras #HondurasResiste #ParoNacional

In solidarity,
SOA Watch

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While Trump and GOP Shut Down Government, Our Friends and Neighbors suffer

Dear Kevin,

Last night, the Trump-controlled government, shut down. Trump and the GOP made a choice to cling tightly to their racist, misogynist, xenophobic, brutal agenda of hate instead of supporting basic values of democratic process, fairness, compassion, and opportunity. But the strength and resilience of undocumented youth is our rock and guiding light. Together, we will win.

Call your members of Congress. Tell them to open the government and pass a #CleanDreamActNow! 

Protect immigrant youth and their families from mass deportation with your contribution.

No Human Is Illegal

After months of tireless, courageous organizing and direct action by Dreamers and allies — including thousands of Presente members like you — we stopped the Trump Congress agenda of hate. And now we have a huge opportunity to win permanent protection for Dreamers, restore protection for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and ensure that the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) program has long-term, stable funding.

Our powerful movement-building forced Congress to make a stand. We applaud the 44 Democrats — and the few Republicans — who did the right thing by supporting Dreamers and voting for America’s best values rather than Trump’s racist, mass deportation agenda. We applaud those Members of Congress who defend a government that serves the good of all of us rather than just a few.

Now we have an incredible opportunity for Congress to come back to the table, resume government function, and do what’s right. But they will not do anything without direct pressure and we can only make this happen with direct support for organizing and movement-building. 

Fight for a government that actually serves the people. 

We rely on your contributions to do the much-needed work that we need to do to restore our democracy.

We have been so impressed, inspired, and humbled by the actions of Presente members. And we’ve seen a direct relationship between the amount of organizing, energy, and pressure with the amount of progress we make on these critical issues. We cannot stop now. We have to press forward and we cannot do this without your support. 

Our government has a responsibility for the well-being of the public, and we need a government that believes no human being is illegal. It’s your work and contributions that make bold and courageous organizing possible. We cannot do this without you. 

And as we go forward into this next phase with tremendous momentum and with the support of millions across the country. We believe that we will win permanent protection for our loved ones and our family members and we will not allow the Trump agenda to further endanger our lives and well-being. This is a turning point and a clear call to make government work for the people and not the worst schemes of Trumpism.

Make the call. 


Thank you for all you do and ¡adelante!

– Matt, Favianna, Erick, Reetu, Oscar, Erica and the Presente Action team.

P.S. Can you donate $5 to support our work? We rely on contributions from people like you to see campaigns like this through.


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America, why let the Trump Cover-Ups Continue? Arrest the guy now!

President Donald Trump's senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller speaks during the Daily Briefing at the White House in Washington, DC, on August 2, 2017.   / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Stephen Miller’s xenophobic fingerprints are all over this

Stephen Miller, Trump’s top white nationalist advisor in the White House, reportedly rejected a study proving refugees contribute significantly more to U.S. revenue than they cost. From the New York Times:

Trump administration officials, under pressure from the White House to provide a rationale for reducing the number of refugees allowed into the United States next year, rejected a study by the Department of Health and Human Services that found that refugees brought in $63 billion more in government revenues over the past decade than they cost.

The draft report, which was obtained by The New York Times, contradicts a central argument made by advocates of deep cuts in refugee totals as President Trump faces an Oct. 1 deadline to decide on an allowable number. The issue has sparked intense debate within his administration as opponents of the program, led by Mr. Trump’s chief policy adviser, Stephen Miller, assert that continuing to welcome refugees is too costly and raises concerns about terrorism.

The leaked study showed refugees hugely contribute to the U.S. economy:

The internal study, which was completed in late July but never publicly released, found that refugees “contributed an estimated $269.1 billion in revenues to all levels of government” between 2005 and 2014 through the payment of federal, state and local taxes. “Overall, this report estimated that the net fiscal impact of refugees was positive over the 10-year period, at $63 billion.”

The NYT reports it’s not clear who rejected the report, but it has Stephen Miller’s xenophobic, anti-immigrant, white nationalist fingerprints all over it:

It was not clear who in the administration decided to keep the information out of the final report. An internal email, dated Sept. 5 and sent among officials from government agencies involved in refugee issues, said that “senior leadership is questioning the assumptions used to produce the report.” A separate email said that Mr. Miller had requested a meeting to discuss the report. The Times was shown the emails on condition that the sender not be identified. Mr. Miller personally intervened in the discussions on the refugee cap to ensure that only the costs — not any fiscal benefit — of the program were considered, according to two people familiar with the talks.

Read more about the study here.


Trump’s Doctor Now Admits Trump Does In Fact Have Heart Disease, Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports


Dr. Sanjay Gupta – CNN’s chief medical correspondent – had some tough questions for Dr. Ronny Jackson yesterday during the press conference about Trump’s results from his medical exam. Gupta asked if being borderline obese and being on cholesterol medication could be classified as being healthy. Dr. Jackson basically said ‘yes’, the president is fine.

However, Dr. Gupta pointed out just hours ago that he believes, based on test results that he’s seen, that President Trump has heart disease.

Gupta points out that dating back to 2009, Trump started to have “these tests that are actually looking for the presence of calcium in the blood vessels that lead to the heart.”

“Steadily, up until just this past week when he had it performed again, those numbers have gone up,” he said.

“When they get to a certain range … that means he has heart disease.”

Gupta then talked about his interaction Tuesday with Trump’s doctor, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson.

“It was interesting when I spoke to Dr. Jackson. At first he said he passed all the tests with flying colors,” Gupta said. “When I asked him specifically about that test, he did then concede that, in fact, the president does have heart disease.” (source)

“They’re going to be increasing the medications, including the cholesterol-lowering medications to try and combat that, but there’s no question, by all standards, by all metrics, anyway a doctor or cardiologist will look at it, the president does have heart disease.”

Gupta says the disease is controllable with medications, but also adds that Trump needs to have his diet under control.

“But he does have heart disease,” Dr. Gupta said.

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