Even if John Stewart is Gone, We all Need to Keep taking on FOX and all the Media

I am going to put a lot of John Stewart videos in the comment section, like this one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO_om3iK9kE

You probably heard the great news – after a few years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show–but the Boycott Must Go On!!

Ten years ago, Media Matters launched with a revolutionary mission: to systematically monitor the U.S. media for conservative misinformation every day, in real time. We’ve been calling out right-wing lies for a decade — and we’re not done yet. Will you contribute now to help us raise $10,000 for our 10th anniversary?

Media Matters Timeline

For ten years, we’ve successfully fought back against the bad actors that poison our media with right-wing lies and smears. It’s been an amazing beginning, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

We’re in this for the long haul. Make an anniversary gift today to kickstart the next ten years of media accountability.

Dear Kevin,
You probably heard the great news – after two years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show.
Beck was targeted after he slandered President Obama by saying, “This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or the white culture, I don’t know what it is… This guy, I believe, is a racist.”
Activists at ColorOfChange, Media Matters, StopBeck, FoxNewsBoycott, and of course Democrats.com responded with a boycott of advertisers on Glenn Beck’s show. Ultimately over 300 advertisers pulled their ads from Beck, costing FOX over $40 million.
Advertiser boycotts work! And it’s time to boycott all FOX News advertisers:
We’re starting our boycott of all FOX News with Proactiv, which sells acne medicine to teenagers and young adults. Why?
First, there are lots of other acne treatments. Second, young adults above all are hurt by FOX News, which promotes right-wing policies on race, education, healthcare, the environment, and war. Let’s get our future leaders to lead the fight against FOX News!
Sign the petition to Proactiv and enter the email address of every young adult over 18 you know:
Beyond President Obama, FOX regularly slanders nearly everyone: Democrats, unionized workers, the unemployed (including veterans and 99ers), environmentalists, feminists, blacks, Hiics, Jews, Muslims, progressives, scientists, and any other group it disagrees with.
FOX News broadcasts rightwing extremist slander, incitement to violence, political propaganda, and outright lies to promote its rightwing political agenda. This is not “news,” but rather a never-ending “war on news” – and it’s all documented in our petition.
Why would any decent company want to fund it? Tell Proactiv to stop advertising on FOX News:
Thanks for all you do!
Bob Fertik

GLEN BECK ADMITTED in 2007, “I Am RACIST and Barack Obama is very White” THIS MAKES Boycotting FOX NEWS needed NOW

By Kevin Stoda

Dear, American supporters of the Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) news networks.

AMERICANS are getting less tolerant of your racism and stronghold on our major media.

For example, we have noted that in his 2007 TV program from FOX (See on You-Tube), Glen Beck admitted he himself was racist. Further, Beck then, in contrast to 2009, called Barrack Obama much more white than black. (Apparently, Beck now he has other nonsense to mush men’s minds.)


Using a major news platform to promote racism and to tell people to disrespect a whole presidential administration through mixed truths, outright lies, and xenophobia, is not to be tolerated any more.

On Democracy Now today, Amy Goodman asked Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP what he thought of Wal-Mart’s pull-out from advertising on the Glen Beck program on FOX.

NOTE: Goodman had simply asked , “The whole attack by Glenn Beck that drove this (resignation)? In your response from the NAACP to Van Jones, it says, ´The only thing more outrageous than Mr. Beck’s attack on Van Jones is the fact that there are sponsors that continue to pay him to provide this type of offensive commentary.` Do you support the continued boycott of companies like Wal-Mart of Beck’s show on Fox?”


This is a particularly important point because Glen Beck´s HATE CAMPAIGN ON THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION led recently to a great American policy maker, Van Jones, quitting the government this week.


Mr. Jealous said, “We certainly support them (Walmart) choosing with their dollars who they’re going to support. I mean, it’s—Glenn Beck is somebody who’s told a seven-year-old girl, a seven-year-old black girl, that he would buy her a ticket back to Africa, that she needed to go back to Africa. And then he comes out, and he says that healthcare is the beginning of reparations. I mean, this guy plays the race card on a weekly basis. He does it very aggressive—you know, in a very hateful way.”

Recall, first, that Van Jones is one of the most important and thoughtful men in America—however, the FOX (Fascist Oddball Xenophobic) news network chose to support a man, like Glen Beck, rather than seeing that tens of millions of Americans need to get health care from promoters like Jones and that our America economy needs to move starting today to the kind of economy that its competitors worldwide are already doing.


Let’s quote the wisdom and influential words of Van Jones on the absolute necessity to green the American economy NOW!

“I think it’s really important to point out that we’re sort of at the end of an era of American capitalism, where we thought we could run the economy based on consumption rather than production, credit rather than creativity, borrowing rather than building, and also, most importantly, environmental destruction rather than environmental restoration.”

Jones continued, “We’re trying to make the case in this book that that era is over. We now have to move in a very different direction. And key to that will be basing the US economy not on credit cards, but based on clean energy and the clean energy revolution that would put literally millions of people to work, putting up solar panels all across the United States, weatherizing buildings so they don’t leak so much energy and put up so much carbon, building wind farms and wave farms, manufacturing wind turbines. We argue you could put Detroit back to work not making SUVs to destroy the world, but making wind turbines, 8,000 finely machine parts in each one, twenty tons of steel in each wind tower, making wind turbines to help save the world.”

Finally, Van Jones wisely noted, “So we think that you can fight pollution and poverty at the same time. We think that you can actually power our way through this recession by putting people to work, but we’re going to have to start building things here and re-powering, retrofitting, retooling America, and that that’s the way forward both for the economy, for the earth and for everyday people.”

Note: These statements came from a program on DN from October of last year:


Van Beck has written a book of the same title, The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.


America needs such voices as Van Jones in government leadership in America—not Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) types.

Clean up the American airwaves of all its fascism and racism, today.


NOTE: One way to change the noise of Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) media moguls is to support alternative media organizations


and alternative monitoring websites.


Another way, is to demand that local radio and TV channels put better programming on, such as Democracy Now or news sources promoted by serious progressive journalists:


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Who is more dangerous Saudi Arabia or USA America?

Iran Is Dangerous, But Saudi Arabia Is Worse – Forbes

Jan 5, 2016 – Saudi Arabia is as much enemy as friend of America. Its reckless conduct is making the Middle East more dangerous for the U.S..

Saudi Arabia Is a Great American Ally | Foreign Policy


Apr 20, 2016 – But the fact is that Washington needs Saudi Arabia today more than ever if it is to defeat … and bilateral efforts to … counter terrorism and violent extremist ideologies.” … How many terror plots has Iran helped the U.S. thwart?

These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists …

Mar 18, 2017 – For comparison, 15,809 homicides occurred in the U.S. in 2014 alone. … and Saudi Arabia rises by more than 10% after a warning is issued.

Saudi Arabia Is More Dangerous as a Frenemy than Iran is as an …

Jan 18, 2016 – Saudi Arabia Is More Dangerous as a Frenemy than Iran is as an Adversary … Today the U.S. backs efforts to overthrow the Assad government, …

Saudi Arabia Is No Longer a Reliable U.S. Ally – NYTimes.com

Feb 24, 2016 – The kingdom and the U.S. agree that Bashar al-Assad should not … even violent, Islamic extremism is a threat not only to the U.S. but to stability everywhere. It is understandable that a moreself-confident Saudi Arabia has …

Why America’s ‘Special’ Relationship With Saudi Arabia Is On the …


Apr 20, 2016 – Charles W. Freeman, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, on CNN. … to participatemore in the U.S.-led bombing campaign against ISIS in …

Reckless Frenemy Saudi Arabia Makes World More Dangerous for …

Jan 5, 2016 – The U.S. State Department devoted 57 pages to the Saudi monarchy’s human rights (mal)practices. Noted State: “The most important human …

Why the U.S. Is Stuck With Saudi Arabia – The Atlantic

Jan 24, 2015 – Saudi Arabia and the United States have been close allies for decades. … The U.S. now pumps more than 9 million barrels of oil per day, which …. A victim of domestic violence at a safe house in Nevada County, California …

What’s the goal of America’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia? – ABC …

2 days ago – The United States is Saudi Arabia’s main military supplier. Photo: The … Related Story: Trump going further than most on first presidential trip.

Saudi Arabia Travel Warning – Travel State – US Department of State

Mar 29, 2017 – Saudi media outlets have reported that since March 2015, more than … Contact the U.S.Embassy in Saudi Arabia located at Abdullah Ibn …

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Who is more dangerous North Korea or Iran?

North Korea Launches Medium-Range Ballistic Missile Test

MAY 22, 2017

H09 north korea missiles

North Korea launched another medium-range ballistic missile test on Saturday, only one week after launching a new type of rocket North Korea says is capable of striking U.S. military bases in the region. The U.N. Security Council is slated to meet Tuesday to discuss the North Korean nuclear program.


Scuttle the Iran Nuke Deal? That Approach Didn’t Stop North Korea …

Apr 26, 2017 – This set North Korea free to restart its nuclear weapon program. … Iran’s dangerousactions, it has to prioritize those steps it most wants to …

Could World War 3 happen in 2017? How threats from Syria, Russia …

May 12, 2017 – World could be in even more peril than during the Soviet vs West face-off during the Cold War. … How threats from Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea and ISIS are mounting. World could … Why is 2017 such a dangerous year?

America’s biggest enemy isn’t North Korea or Iran – The Hill


Apr 20, 2017 – He could become perhaps even more dangerous to America in the long run than external enemies like North Korea, Iran or Russia. Trump’s …

North Korea News: Who’s More Dangerous, North Korea Or Iran? – Mic

Iran and North Korea have presented the world — and particularly the U.S. — with a twin nuclear crisis. As both countries continue to be subjected to numerous …

Iran Is a Bigger Threat Than Syria and North Korea Combined – WSJ

Apr 14, 2017 – The U.S. has signed agreements with three rogue regimes strictly limiting their unconventional military capacities. Two of those regimes—Syria …

What North Korea should teach us about Iran – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

Apr 20, 2017 – A nuclear Iran would be far more dangerous to American interests than a nuclear North Korea.

What the North Korea crisis says about the Iranian nuclear deal | The …

http://www.timesofisrael.com › Israel & the Region

Apr 26, 2017 – Despite more stringent restrictions on Iran’s program, its regional … North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (C) arriving for a military parade in …. Dubowitz said it was Iran’s ambitions in the region that made it more dangerous, …

In Trump’s Cruise-Missile Diplomacy, Iran and North Korea Could Be …

Apr 11, 2017 – In Trump’s Cruise-Missile Diplomacy, Iran and North Korea Could Be …. as a war president, with far more dangerous engagements to come.

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Butchering American CIA Agents in China

NYT: Chinese Gov’t Jailed or Killed Up to 20 CIA Sources Since 2010

MAY 22, 2017

H08 china crowd

The New York Times reports the Chinese government jailed or killed as many as 20 CIAsources in the country between 2010 and 2012. U.S. officials call it the worst intelligence breach in decades. One CIA source was shot in public outside a government building, in an apparent warning to others who might be working for the CIA. The Times reports it’s still unknown how the Chinese successfully identified so many CIA sources.



Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations

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Fighting Irish Oppose Pence and Demand Change in Indiana Practices support him and Policies

Students March Out of VP Mike Pence’s Notre Dame Commencement Speech

MAY 22, 2017

H04 notre dame walk out

In Indiana, more than 100 students marched out of the Notre Dame graduation ceremony to protest Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech. Pence was chosen as the commencement speaker after thousands of students and professors signed a letter demanding the university not invite President Trump. After leaving the official graduation ceremony, protesting students held their own “alternative” graduation in a nearby park, where they held hands and sang the Notre Dame hymn.

Students: “Notre Dame, our mother / tender, strong and true / proudly in the heavens / gleams the gold and blue.”

Among the students’ issues was discrimination against Muslims. Vice President Pence was also the former governor and congressmember from Indiana.


Indiana Governor Mike Pence Signs Amended Religious Freedom Bill …


Mar 28, 2015 – Mike Pence approved changes by lawmakers to a controversial state law on … discriminate against gay Hoosiers, a fix that Republican backers and Pence had … But while the nationalfight over the bill lasted a few short days, …. Read next: Real Progressives Should Support Indiana’s Law … Privacy Policy.

Missing: irishdemandpractices

Notable quotes from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence – IndyStar

Jul 14, 2016 – Mike Pence’s quotes over the years about his political philosophy, votes in … asked in 2012 to name the biggest misconception people have about him. — … Pence in 2007, on why hesupported the annual automatic pay increase for … in Indianapolis on March 15, 2010, for the “Kill The Bill” rally opposing …

Missing: fightingirishdemandpractices

Notre Dame students plan silent walkout during Vice President Mike …

5 days ago – Vice President Mike Pence’s first 100 days in the Trump … Some students will be protestingPence’s policies as Indiana’s governor, including …

Missing: fightingirishdemandpractices

PRI Review for May 19, 2017. Notre Dame Invites VP Pence, Still …

4 days ago – Notre Dame Invites VP Pence, Still Suffering From Obama; Cardinal Müller’s New Book Shines; Tillerson Announces Expansion of Mexico City Policy … to themselves as the “Fighting Irish” (which term is trademarked, by the way). … it’s certain that those demonstrating against Catholic moral teaching on life, …

Breitbart News Network

The Fleeing Irish: Notre Dame Students Walk Out of Mike Pence … President Calls for Fight Against‘Islamist Extremism’ in Speech to Muslim World

How to Be Politically Correct | commentary – Commentary Magazine

It is increasingly rated incorrect to designate Notre Dame the “fighting Irish. … where they tell the teacher how to overcome little kids’ prejudices against witches, …… Was Vice President Mike Pence a sex machine or a hunka-hunka-burnin’ love? … whose complicated attitudes toward women compel himto start World War 3?

here – Palm Center

by R Evans – ‎2003 – ‎Cited by 16 – ‎Related articles

Jun 26, 2003 – Americans in spite of an absence of civilian support indicates that … While racismagainst African Americans has been the deepest and … fighting units from a fractious and heterogeneous population. … Demands for greater diversity … will explore the U.S. armed forces’ personnel policies during the major.

[PDF]Holcomb against Medicaid reduction – The Post and Mail

Mar 17, 2017 – While in the Indiana Senate, Banks worked on the State … this committee to makechanges to sup- … my mission to support our military – it … to formally hear the charges against him. The charges are merely an accusa- …. A Pence spokesman did …. like an hour, go to practice …… will have the Fighting Irish.

political_twitter_archive/sendancoats.csv at master · bpb27 … – GitHub

0,Twitter Web Client,RT @WYRZ989: @SenDanCoats Supports Bill to Ban …. Pence, the administration, FEMA and Indiana delegation to ensure Hoosiers …… #IRS policy change affecting millions. https://t.co/5XHkpwA2Ca https…,,True,Tue …… support these inhumane practices,,False,Mon Jul 27 21:25:47 +0000 2015,3, …

Új jegyzője van Siófoknak – Siófok hivatalos turisztikai oldala

Until August combivent 500 mg \”I told him not to turn it in until I talked to him, ….. the economic optimism is supported by robust domestic demand in Germany,\” ….. in the interests of shoring up an important partner in the fight against al Qaeda. …… But they should ignore calls for radical policy changes based on outdated …

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For 3rd Straight Election, Iranians Elect a Moderate

Unlike in Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Pakistan, Azerbaijan  and Yemen…

Iran: President Hassan Rouhani Re-elected in Landslide Election

MAY 22, 2017

H07 hassan rouhani

In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected in a landslide. Rouhani beat out his challenger, hardline judge Ebrahim Raisi, in Friday’s election, which saw huge turnout across the country. Rouhani is credited with negotiating the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. He’s now vowing to work for the removal of non-nuclear sanctions levied against Iran. We’ll have more on the Iranian elections later in the broadcast.

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Trump allows Turkish Armed Men with the Leader of Turkey to Invade Washington DC Streets and injure American citizens last week and then Calls Comey a “Nutcase”

The U.S. Must Respond to Turkey’s Attack on Washington

Read more at:

Trump Called Comey “Real Nut Job” & Said His Firing Reduced “Pressure” over Russia

MAY 22, 2017

H03 trump comey

On Capitol Hill, new details emerged Friday about the ongoing scandal over President Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey, including that President Trump called Comey a “real nut job” during his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak earlier this month. Trump also reportedly told the Russian officials, “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off,” referring to Comey’s firing.

Comey is slated to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee after Memorial Day weekend, which coincides with Trump’s return from his foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican.

Trump had said he’d name a new FBI director before departing this past Friday, but the appointment has been delayed, in part because possible candidates keep withdrawing their names from consideration. Among those who have withdrawn their names are former FBI official Richard McFeely, South Carolina Congressmember Trey Gowdy and former Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher. Democrats are objecting to the possible appointment of former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman as FBI director. Lieberman currently works for a law firm that had frequently represented Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post is reporting that a current White House official is under investigation for possibly colluding with Russian officials to allegedly hack the 2016 election. The White House official has not been named. A number of former Trump campaign officials, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, are also under investigation.

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The most Dangerous President in History is on the Loose and Selling America’s Soul to Saudi Arabia

Trump Visits Saudi Arabia and Signs $110B Arms Deals

MAY 22, 2017

H02 trump saudi sign

Over the weekend, Trump visited Saudi Arabia, where he signed a series of arms deals totaling a record $110 billion. The arms deal includes tanks, artillery, ships, helicopters, a missile defense system and cybersecurity technology. The deal is expected to total more than $350 billion over the next 10 years.

The deal comes as the Pentagon continues to support a Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen, where years of fighting have decimated the country’s health, water, sewage and sanitation systems, contributing to a cholera outbreak that has killed at least 300 people and that is threatening to spiral out of control. Over 10,000 people have died since the Saudi bombing campaign began in 2015. On Saturday, thousands of Yemenis rallied in Sana’a to protest the U.S. arms deal with Saudi Arabia and Trump’s visit there. This is Yemeni journalist Nasser Al-Rabeey.

Nasser Al-Rabeey: “We are here today to say no for terrorism, no for American terrorism. And we are here to say to Trump: ‘You kill Yemenis with Saudi hands. You support Qaeda/ISIS by supporting the Saudi Wahhabi regime.'”

A legal expert says the U.S. arms deal with Saudi Arabia may be illegal under U.S. law because of the Saudi bombing campaign’s killing of civilians. As Trump celebrated the $110 billion arms deal, the Saudis pledged a series of investments in U.S. companies, including a $20 billion investment in the private equity firm Blackstone Group and a $100 million donation—made along with the United Arab Emirates—to a World Bank fund for women that was proposed by President Trump’s daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka Trump. We’ll have more on Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia after headlines with Medea Benjamin.

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This Public Contrition is what We need from Franklin Graham and Other so-called Evangelical Leaders who looked the other way at this Sleaze in 2016

Billy Bush: 2005 Access Hollywood Tape Brought His Daughter to Tears

MAY 22, 2017

H12 billy bush

Back in the United States, Billy Bush has broken his silence about the 2005 NBC’s “Access Hollywood” videotape, in which Bush is egging on Donald Trump as he brags about committing sexual assault.

Donald Trump: “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. I just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Billy Bush: “Whatever you want.”

Donald Trump: “Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

NBC fired Billy Bush after the tape resurfaced during the 2016 presidential campaign. In his first comments on the tape since its release, Bush told “Good Morning America” the tape brought his 16-year-old daughter to tears.

Billy Bush: “It was a powerful moment. My now-16-year-old daughter called me, and she was in tears. And she was really upset. And I said, ‘Mary, it’s—it’s going to be OK. You know, don’t worry.’ And she said, ‘No. Why were you laughing at the things that he was saying on that bus? Why were you playing along with it, Dad? It wasn’t funny.’ And I said, ‘Mary, I am sorry. And there is no good answer for that.'”

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Ivanka: “Young Muslims can build a future of ‘tolerance and hope'”–i.e. unlike her father

May 22, 2017 | 12:20 PM


U.S. President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, spoke about social media, calling it a ‘powerful tool’, and said the young generation of Muslims could build a future of tolerance.

“Social media is an incredibly powerful tool,” Ivanka said. “It empowers the people particularly the next generation.”

She added that the ‘entrepreneurial spirit in Saudi’ was very much at work and the young Muslim generation is a ‘generation that can build a future of tolerance, of hope and of peace.”

She spoke in place of her father who was scheduled to speak. The Tweeps Forum is a five-year-old event that engages young people interested in social media. It’s run by a foundation that has ties to the Saudi government.

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10 Impressive Benefits Of Ginkgo Biloba

I’m trying it now.  What about you?–kas

Some of the most important and unique health benefits of ginkgo include its ability to improve memory, boost vision, treat depression, alleviate pain, boost circulation, reduce blood pressure, protects the nervous system, boost heart health, prevent cancer, and slow the signs of aging.

Ginkgo Biloba

When it comes to ancient plants, nothing on our planet is older than the ginkgo biloba tree. It is the last extant branch of the Ginkophyta division, all of which are now extinct. For more than 300 million years, Ginkgo biloba has managed to survive, if not thrive, and remains only mildly endangered. Due to its vast range of medicinal qualities, and its importance for research on the evolution of plants, ginkgo biloba trees are widely protected around the world. This tree is native to China, and is still found primarily there, as it is difficult to produce saplings of the trees, and some ginkgo trees are over 2,500 years old.

It is a very important plant in traditional Chinese medicine, and the health benefits of ginkgo have been widely studied. Although still controversial, ginkgo biloba is one of the most desired herbal supplements on the market. The nuts found inside ginkgo seeds are eaten in some cultures as delicacies, particularly for Chinese New Year, but the most common use of ginkgo is to make an herbal supplement from extracts of the seeds and leaves. In traditional medicine, ginkgo seeds were commonly recommended as an aphrodisiac, but those properties haven’t been proven in modern research. Ginkgo leaves contain rich amounts of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, terpenoids, and other organic chemicals from which the extensive list of ginkgo health benefits are derived. Below, we’ll dig a bit deeper into the many health benefits of ginkgo biloba.

ginkgobilobaHealth Benefits Of Ginkgo Biloba

Depression: If you are suffering from depression or chronic mood swings ginkgo biloba has been shown to be highly effective in remedying those feelings by balancing your hormonal levels and boosting your mood. While the most promising results have been shown in elderly people, particularly those suffering from depression as a result of cognitive difficulties, research on younger people suffering from depression have also been promising.

Cognitive Abilities: One of the most commonly praised side effects of ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) is its impact on cognition. Certain studies have demonstrated ginkgo biloba’s ability to increase memory and retention, boost focus, and stimulate creative thinking. The controversy, of course, stems from whether this is a placebo effect, since the medicinal benefits of ginkgo are so commonly known, but millions of people around the world turn to GBE for a brain boost.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: What the medical community can agree on is that ginkgo biloba can have a positive impact on people who are suffering from cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. There have been measurable improvements in cognitive ability and activity, primarily due to the antioxidant compounds in GBE, including terpenoids and flavonoids that stimulate neural activity and keep cognitive pathways fresh and clear of amyloid plaque. This is by far the most popular use of ginkgo biloba, as there is the most research to back up these very important claims.

Vision Health: The second most common reason for using ginkgo biloba is its powerful effect on vision. Not only do the antioxidants in ginkgo biloba help to keep the ocular system clear of oxidative stress, thereby preventing macular degeneration and cataracts, but for people who suffer from glaucoma and other vision issues, GBE has actually been shown to improve vision and increase long-distance sight capacity.

Pain Relief: There are mild analgesic qualities to ginkgo biloba, likely resulting from anti-inflammatory properties in the organic compounds. In other words, when inflammation decreases, so too does the pain it causes. This makes it a popular option for people recovering from injuries or wounds, as well as those who suffer from chronic headaches.

Blood Flow: Research has definitively shown that ginkgo biloba extract is able to increase blood vessel dilation and stimulate blood flow to extremities in the body, including the skin and essential organs, properly oxygenating the entire body and boosting energy and strength. This increase in blood flow also helps people who suffer from claudication or poor circulation, allowing them to walk longer distances without pain. It is often taken by people who suffer from gout as well, benefitting from this anti-clotting effect and the anti-inflammatory properties.

Heart Health: Ginkgo biloba extract has also been linked to lower blood pressure and an elimination of blood clots throughout the cardiovascular system. These two side effects, when combined, can be a major boost to heart health, as dilating blood vessels reduced the strain on the heart, while the anti-clotting capability significantly reduces your chances of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

ginkgoinfoNervous System: Although the exact pathway is not completely clear, GBE seems to exert a positive influence on the nervous system, speeding up reaction time and lowering your chances of nervous disorders. This combination of chemicals and compounds is not found in any other plants, which is why many of the purported health benefits of ginkgo biloba are somewhat mysterious and difficult to “prove”, as there are no other types of plants on which to test comparative hypotheses. Reduction in symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and Raynaud’s disease have both been shown to be linked to ginkgo biloba consumption.

Cancer Prevention: The high level of antioxidants found in ginkgo biloba, including the rich variety of terpenoids, flavonoids, and polyphenolic compounds, all combine to eliminate free radicals throughout the body, the dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism that attack healthy cells and either cause apoptosis or mutation into cancerous cells. With such a diverse range of antioxidants, ginkgo biloba can help to keep the entire body protected from chronic disease, most notably cancer and heart disease, because free radicals weaken the blood vessels walls of the cardiovascular system.

Anti-Aging: One of the most “pop culture” uses of ginkgo biloba is as an anti-aging secret. While many of the claims are a bit exaggerated, the antioxidants in GBE do help the skin remain tight and healthy, slowing the appearance of wrinkles and other age spots, as well as helping to speed up wound healing and lessen the appearance of scars.

A Final Word of Warning: Due to the anticoagulant nature of ginkgo biloba, it can be dangerous to take for pregnant women, those who are menstruating, or anyone with blood disorders that don’t allow their blood to coagulate. Even small injuries can be dangerous when a person’s blood is unable to clot. Furthermore, allergic reactions to ginkgo biloba are moderately common due to the presence of ginkgolic acids, some of which are similar to those found in cashews or poison ivy. Be careful when first using ginkgo biloba and always discuss your potential risk factors with a medical professional before adding this powerful herbal supplement to your regimen.


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