Even if John Stewart is Gone, We all Need to Keep taking on FOX and all the Media

I am going to put a lot of John Stewart videos in the comment section, like this one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO_om3iK9kE

You probably heard the great news – after a few years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show–but the Boycott Must Go On!!

Ten years ago, Media Matters launched with a revolutionary mission: to systematically monitor the U.S. media for conservative misinformation every day, in real time. We’ve been calling out right-wing lies for a decade — and we’re not done yet. Will you contribute now to help us raise $10,000 for our 10th anniversary?

Media Matters Timeline

For ten years, we’ve successfully fought back against the bad actors that poison our media with right-wing lies and smears. It’s been an amazing beginning, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

We’re in this for the long haul. Make an anniversary gift today to kickstart the next ten years of media accountability.

Dear Kevin,
You probably heard the great news – after two years of progressive activism, FOX finally cancelled Glenn Beck’s show.
Beck was targeted after he slandered President Obama by saying, “This president has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or the white culture, I don’t know what it is… This guy, I believe, is a racist.”
Activists at ColorOfChange, Media Matters, StopBeck, FoxNewsBoycott, and of course Democrats.com responded with a boycott of advertisers on Glenn Beck’s show. Ultimately over 300 advertisers pulled their ads from Beck, costing FOX over $40 million.
Advertiser boycotts work! And it’s time to boycott all FOX News advertisers:
We’re starting our boycott of all FOX News with Proactiv, which sells acne medicine to teenagers and young adults. Why?
First, there are lots of other acne treatments. Second, young adults above all are hurt by FOX News, which promotes right-wing policies on race, education, healthcare, the environment, and war. Let’s get our future leaders to lead the fight against FOX News!
Sign the petition to Proactiv and enter the email address of every young adult over 18 you know:
Beyond President Obama, FOX regularly slanders nearly everyone: Democrats, unionized workers, the unemployed (including veterans and 99ers), environmentalists, feminists, blacks, Hiics, Jews, Muslims, progressives, scientists, and any other group it disagrees with.
FOX News broadcasts rightwing extremist slander, incitement to violence, political propaganda, and outright lies to promote its rightwing political agenda. This is not “news,” but rather a never-ending “war on news” – and it’s all documented in our petition.
Why would any decent company want to fund it? Tell Proactiv to stop advertising on FOX News:
Thanks for all you do!
Bob Fertik

GLEN BECK ADMITTED in 2007, “I Am RACIST and Barack Obama is very White” THIS MAKES Boycotting FOX NEWS needed NOW

By Kevin Stoda

Dear, American supporters of the Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) news networks.

AMERICANS are getting less tolerant of your racism and stronghold on our major media.

For example, we have noted that in his 2007 TV program from FOX (See on You-Tube), Glen Beck admitted he himself was racist. Further, Beck then, in contrast to 2009, called Barrack Obama much more white than black. (Apparently, Beck now he has other nonsense to mush men’s minds.)


Using a major news platform to promote racism and to tell people to disrespect a whole presidential administration through mixed truths, outright lies, and xenophobia, is not to be tolerated any more.

On Democracy Now today, Amy Goodman asked Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP what he thought of Wal-Mart’s pull-out from advertising on the Glen Beck program on FOX.

NOTE: Goodman had simply asked , “The whole attack by Glenn Beck that drove this (resignation)? In your response from the NAACP to Van Jones, it says, ´The only thing more outrageous than Mr. Beck’s attack on Van Jones is the fact that there are sponsors that continue to pay him to provide this type of offensive commentary.` Do you support the continued boycott of companies like Wal-Mart of Beck’s show on Fox?”


This is a particularly important point because Glen Beck´s HATE CAMPAIGN ON THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION led recently to a great American policy maker, Van Jones, quitting the government this week.


Mr. Jealous said, “We certainly support them (Walmart) choosing with their dollars who they’re going to support. I mean, it’s—Glenn Beck is somebody who’s told a seven-year-old girl, a seven-year-old black girl, that he would buy her a ticket back to Africa, that she needed to go back to Africa. And then he comes out, and he says that healthcare is the beginning of reparations. I mean, this guy plays the race card on a weekly basis. He does it very aggressive—you know, in a very hateful way.”

Recall, first, that Van Jones is one of the most important and thoughtful men in America—however, the FOX (Fascist Oddball Xenophobic) news network chose to support a man, like Glen Beck, rather than seeing that tens of millions of Americans need to get health care from promoters like Jones and that our America economy needs to move starting today to the kind of economy that its competitors worldwide are already doing.


Let’s quote the wisdom and influential words of Van Jones on the absolute necessity to green the American economy NOW!

“I think it’s really important to point out that we’re sort of at the end of an era of American capitalism, where we thought we could run the economy based on consumption rather than production, credit rather than creativity, borrowing rather than building, and also, most importantly, environmental destruction rather than environmental restoration.”

Jones continued, “We’re trying to make the case in this book that that era is over. We now have to move in a very different direction. And key to that will be basing the US economy not on credit cards, but based on clean energy and the clean energy revolution that would put literally millions of people to work, putting up solar panels all across the United States, weatherizing buildings so they don’t leak so much energy and put up so much carbon, building wind farms and wave farms, manufacturing wind turbines. We argue you could put Detroit back to work not making SUVs to destroy the world, but making wind turbines, 8,000 finely machine parts in each one, twenty tons of steel in each wind tower, making wind turbines to help save the world.”

Finally, Van Jones wisely noted, “So we think that you can fight pollution and poverty at the same time. We think that you can actually power our way through this recession by putting people to work, but we’re going to have to start building things here and re-powering, retrofitting, retooling America, and that that’s the way forward both for the economy, for the earth and for everyday people.”

Note: These statements came from a program on DN from October of last year:


Van Beck has written a book of the same title, The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.


America needs such voices as Van Jones in government leadership in America—not Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) types.

Clean up the American airwaves of all its fascism and racism, today.


NOTE: One way to change the noise of Fascist Oddball Xenophobic (FOX) media moguls is to support alternative media organizations


and alternative monitoring websites.


Another way, is to demand that local radio and TV channels put better programming on, such as Democracy Now or news sources promoted by serious progressive journalists:


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Can We Trust Boeing with American Defense?

After $1.3 Billion Overrun Boeing Receives New $2.8 Billion Contract

by rosecoveredglasses



“Boeing got the most recent contract for a replacement tanker back in 2011 after a decade of failed deals, illegal actions by the company, bumbling by the Air Force and perhaps the most vigorous public fight over a weapons system’s contract in at least 20 years.

Will Boeing be able to produce it at the rate the Air Force expects and will it perform as well as the service hopes? We’ll see.

Believe it or not, Boeing really has made progress on the KC-46 tanker, after incurring at least $1.3 billion in cost overruns. Today, it got the only kind of proof that really matters to a corporation: they got the government’s promise of $2.8 billion for doing their job.

The contract award of $2.5 billion is for the first two LRIP production lots of seven and 12 planes. Including options, Boeing plans to build 179 of the 767-based airborne tankers for the Air Force to replace the ancient KC-135 fleet.

The tanker uses a boom to refuel Air Force planes and hoses that extend from the wings and center body to refuel Navy, Marine Corps and allied aircraft.”



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I’ve been a Vocal Advocate of Jobs over Prisons for Years–that is Americans need Good Jobs; Not more Prisons

Dear Kevin,

This week the Justice Department announced that it would phase out the use of private prisons for federal inmates.

The Justice Department had a released a report that found that private prisons had higher rates of assaults, fewer services for inmates, and were no more cost-effective than prisons run by the federal government.

This is a welcome development for sure, and the Justice Department deserves credit for taking this step.

But, in a country that will spend $7.5 billion this year to put people in federal prison – and when prison populations and costs have skyrocketed in recent decades – something more fundamental is wrong.

Our pattern of mass incarceration is a choice we’ve made, and we can change those choices. To see what new choices might look like in your community, use our interactive game.

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On behalf of all of us at NPP,

Lindsay Koshgarian, Research Director

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This is why you should be able to vote for Bernie this election!!

Foreign Influence Becomes Hot Issue on US Campaign Trail

Controversy over former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s ties to Russia, Ukraine, and DC lobbyists highlights problems with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is dogged by questions about relationships between donors to the Clinton Foundation and the US State Department.

Read more

Controversy over former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manaort’s ties to Russia, Ukraine, and DC lobbyists highlights problems with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is dogged by questions about relationships between donors to the Clinton Foundation and the US State Department.

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Congress—Democrats and Republicans alike—are trying to delay implementation of the president’s new overtime rule.


Members of Congress—Democrats and Republicans alike—are trying to delay implementation of the president’s new overtime rule.

In May, President Obama and the Department of Labor (DOL) announced a plan to update the seriously outdated overtime rules to strengthen the right to overtime pay for 12.5 million more working people. The plan is to raise the current overtime salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,476, putting $12 billion in the pockets of workers over the next decade.

But now, Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Oregon) has introduced a bill that would undermine the DOL’s efforts and delay the overtime rule by three years.Additionally, the Schrader bill would prevent the salary threshold from automatically increasing in the future to account for overall salary growth. This would lower the share of those who would be covered by the threshold from 33 percent today to just 16 percent by 2035.

Click here to call your representative and tell them to reject HR 5813—the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act.

In Schrader’s own home district in rural Oregon, a family of four needs $60,489 to pay for housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, other necessities, and taxes. Forget about retirement or college savings. Rep. Schrader thinks that employees paid more than $35,984 don’t deserve overtime pay, at least not yet.

Last week, Donald Trump joined conservatives in calling for a “roll back” of overtime protections, and EPI’s Larry Mishel fired back:

“Donald Trump apparently thinks that millions of employees paid less than $47,476 don’t deserve overtime pay…. A candidate who wants to help the middle class would support a stronger overtime rule.”

EPI research shows that in the 1960s and 1970s, about 60 percent of workers were guaranteed overtime pay because of their low salaries. But current overtime rules haven’t kept up with salaries and the cost of living, and today less than 10 percent of salaried workers have that guarantee.

Donald Trump and conservative members of Congress are attempting to steal an important victory from 12.5 million workers.

Please, call your representative today and tell them to reject the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act.

Thank you for all that you do.

Ross Eisenbrey
Vice President, EPI Policy Center

Call your Representative
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Turn to our present American world and to neighborhoods where the postman doesn’t ring even once, but the police are ready toshoot more than once

Tomgram: Judith Coburn, On the Mean Streets of America

Step aside, Sam Spade. Move over, Philip Marlowe. You want noir? Skip the famed private eye novels and films of the 1930s and 1940s and turn to our present American world and to neighborhoods where the postman doesn’t ring even once, but the police are ready toshoot more than once, often on the slightest excuse. It’s a world thatTomDispatch regular Judith Coburn, whom I’ve known since the Vietnam era when she was a war correspondent, enters regularly. It’s her job. It may not be Afghanistan or Iraq, but in its own way, it’s close enough.

Think of Coburn as today’s Sam Spade and let her take you deep into an American world in which justice couldn’t be blinder. Tom

America’s Criminal Injustice System
The Annals of a Private Eye
By Judith Coburn

Once upon a time, I was a journalist, covering war in Indochina, Central America, and the Middle East. I made it my job to write about the victims of war, the “civilian casualties.” To me, they were hardly “collateral damage,” that bloodless term the military persuaded journalists to adopt. To me, they were the center of war. Now, I work at home and I’m a private eye — or P.I. to you.  I work mostly on homicide cases for defense lawyers on the mean streets of Oakland, California, one of America’smurder capitals.

Some days, Oakland feels like Saigon, Tegucigalpa, or Gaza. There’s the deception of daily life and the silent routine of dread punctured by out-of-the blue mayhem. Oakland’s poor neighborhoods are a war zonewhose violence can even explode onto streets made rich overnight by the tech boom. Any quiet day, you can drive down San Pablo Avenue past St. Columba Catholic Church, where a thicket of white crosses, one for every Oaklander killed by gun violence, year by year, fills its front yard.

Whenever I tell people I’m a private eye, they ask: Do you get innocent people off death row? Or: Can you follow my ex around? Or: What kind of gun do you carry?

Click here to read more of this dispatch.

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Why Labeling Political Opponents ‘Stupid’ Is Stupid

why olympic pool green diving
Solved: The Mystery of the Green Olympic Pool
Olympics officials reveal what caused the diving pool to turn green.
Libyan forces advance on Sirte
Libya Warns Italy of ISIS Cell in Milan as Europe Remains on High Alert
Libyan agents seized intelligence about the cell’s existence at a headquarters in Sirte last week.
Dalian Atkinson
Dalian Atkinson: Former Aston Villa Player Dies After Police Taser Him
Police gave the 48-year-old medical treatment but he died around 90 minutes later.
Donald Trump
Why Labeling Political Opponents ‘Stupid’ Is Stupid
Politicians calling each other “stupid” is unproductive and only exacerbates divisions.
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Hi Kevin,

As you know, what makes payday lending so dangerous is the cycle of debt that lenders trap people in. But this predatory practice is even more harmful – and unfair – than you may have realized.

Payday lenders have rigged the system and moved the goalposts on borrowers by taking away their right to sue when something goes wrong. Written into the fine print of payday loan paperwork, forced arbitration clauses ensure all disputes are decided by a private firm picked by the lender – leaving borrowers with no opportunity to have their case heard by an impartial judge or appeal a bad decision in court.

By signing away their right to hold payday lenders accountable in court, borrowers are in an even more vulnerable position – and often see their debts multiply. Talk about kicking people while they’re down.

That’s why, in addition to cracking down on predatory payday lending, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is working to fix the problem of forced arbitration. They are looking for people’s comments and suggestions on how to make a rule as strong as can be.

You’ve already shown that you care about protecting consumers from predatory practices like this. Thank you!

Now, let the CFPB know that you also support their efforts to eliminate forced arbitration by submitting a comment here:


The last day to submit a comment is August 22 – just one week away – so thank you for making your voice heard.


Gynnie Robnett
Campaign Director, Americans for Financial Reform
The Stop Payday Predators Team

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Audit: Pentagon Cannot Account For $6.5 Trillion Dollars Is Taxpayer Money–Are you getting this News in Your School? If not, get educated here

Adding to the appearance of impropriety is the fact that thousands of documents that should be on file have been removed and disappeared without any reasonable explanation.


A new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report, released last week, has left Americans stunned at the jaw-dropping lack of accountability and oversight. The glaring report revealed the Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars worth of Army general fund transactions and data, according to a report by theFiscal Times.

The Pentagon, which has been notoriously lax in its accounting practices, has never completed an audit, would reveal how the agency has specifically spent the trillions of dollars allocated for wars, equipment, personnel, housing, healthcare and procurements allotted to them by Congress.

Beginning in 1996 all federal agencies were mandated by law to conduct regular financial audits. However, the Pentagon has NEVER complied with that federal law. In 20 years, it has never accounted for the trillions of dollars in taxpayer funds it has spent, in part because “fudging” the numbers has become standard operating procedure at the Department of Defense, as revealed in a 2013 Reuters investigation by Scot Paltrow.

According to the report by the Fiscal Times:

An increasingly impatient Congress has demanded that the Army achieve “audit readiness” for the first time by Sept. 30, 2017, so that lawmakers can get a better handle on military spending. But Pentagon watchdogs think that may be mission impossible, and for good reason…

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), the behemoth Indianapolis-based agency that provides finance and accounting services for the Pentagon’s civilian and military members, could not provide adequate documentation for $6.5 trillion worth of year-end adjustments to Army general fund transactions and data.

The DFAS has the sole responsibility for paying all DOD military and personnel, retirees and annuitants, along with Pentagon contractors and vendors. The agency is also in charge of electronic government initiatives, including within the Executive Office of the President, the Department of Energy and the Departing of Veterans Affairs.

While there is nothing in the IG’s report specifying that the money has been stolen, the mere fact that the Pentagon can’t account for how it spent the money reveals a potentially far greater problem than simple theft alone.

For every transaction, a so-called “journal voucher” that provides serial numbers, transaction dates and the amount of the expenditure is supposed to be produced. The report specifies that the agency has done such a poor job in providing documentation of their transactions, that there is no way to actually know how $6.5 trillion dollars has been spent. Essentially, the government has no way of knowing how the Pentagon has spent the trillions of taxpayer dollars allocated by Congress for national defense.

In turn, employees of the DFAS were routinely told by superiors to take “unsubstantiated change actions” commonly referred to as “plugging” the numbers. These “plugs” – which amounted to falsifying financial records – were then used to create the appearance that the military’s financial data matched that of the U.S. Treasury Department’s numbers when discrepancies in the financial data couldn’t be accounted for, according to the Reutersinvestigation.

According to that Reuters investigation:

For two decades, the U.S. military has been unable to submit to an audit, flouting federal law and concealing waste and fraud totaling billions of dollars.

Linda Woodford spent the last 15 years of her career inserting phony numbers in the U.S. Department of Defense’s accounts.

Every month until she retired in 2011, she says, the day came when the Navy would start dumping numbers on the Cleveland, Ohio DFAS…. Using the data they received, Woodford and her fellow accountants there set about preparing monthly reports to square the Navy’s books with the U.S. Treasury’s…. And every month, they encountered the same problem. Numbers were missing. Numbers were clearly wrong. Numbers came with no explanation of how the money had been spent or which congressional appropriation it came from.

While many of the problems occurred due to bookkeeping errors rather than actual financial losses, the DFAS has failed to provide the necessary tracking information essential to performing an accurate audit of Pentagon spending and obligations, according to the IG’s report.

“Army and Defense Finance and Accounting Service Indianapolis personnel did not adequately support $2.8 trillion in third quarter adjustments and $6.5 trillion in year-end adjustments made to Army General Fund data during FY 2015 financial statement compilation,” wrote Lorin T. Venable, the assistant inspector general for financial management and reporting. “We conducted this audit in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.”

The Pentagon has a chronic failure to keep track of its money – how much it has, how much it pays out and how much is wasted or stolen. Adding to the appearance of impropriety is the fact that thousands of documents that should be on file have been removed and disappeared without any reasonable explanation.

DFAS “did not document or support why the Defense Departmental Reporting System . . . removed at least 16,513 of 1.3 million records during Q3 FY 2015. As a result, the data used to prepare the FY 2015 AGF third quarter and year-end financial statements were unreliable and lacked an adequate audit trail,” according to the IG’s report stated.

The accounting errors and manipulated numbers, though obviously problems in their own right, highlight a far greater problem for the Defense Department than only bad recording keeping and wasteful spending habits. In reality, they are a representation of the poor decision making, and lack of oversight and accountability that plague our nation’s government as a whole.

While the Department of Defense can’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer funds, in 2014 there were 47 million people, including over 15 million children, living in poverty in the U.S. – %15 of the U.S. population, which is the largest total number in poverty since records began being kept 52 years ago.

Please share this story if you are appalled by the fact that there are Americans that are homeless and hungry, including U.S. combat veterans — while the government is unable to account for $6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money.

Jay Syrmopoulos writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.

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Pentagon Wants Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Explain Itself — ROSE COVERED GLASSES

“NEXTGOV” “Effort aims to nurture communication between machines and humans by investing in AI that can explain itself as it works. Humans won’t make full use of AI until they trust it won’t fail, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA]. The Pentagon wants to incorporate artificial intelligence into more systems but first needs to ensure […]

via Pentagon Wants Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Explain Itself — ROSE COVERED GLASSES

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Insider’s Report: Assessing the Health of Medicare

In the last issue, I wrote about the state of the Social Security program as discussed in the 2016 Trustees Report on Social Security. Today I want to give you a snapshot of how Medicare is doing, according to the 2016 Medicare Trustees Report, as we prepare to celebrate this successful program’s 51st anniversary.

The good news: The long-term outlook for Medicare is improving and spending per beneficiary is projected to continue growing more slowly than general health spending. And under the Affordable Care Act, millions of Medicare beneficiaries are receiving preventive screenings and wellness visits without copayments, as well as additional assistance with their prescription drug costs.

The bad news: Medicare faces a long-term financial challenge due to the increasing numbers of Americans joining the program, skyrocketing prescription drug prices and overall health care inflation. That’s why the National Committee supports successfully implementing reforms in the Affordable Care Act that are containing costs and promoting access to quality health care.

Here’s some other information you should know: The Part B monthly premium for 2017 is projected to increase slightly ($104.90 to $107.60 for someone receiving an average Social Security benefit) for about 70 percent of Medicare beneficiaries. The annual deductible is projected to increase from $166.00 to $204.00 for all beneficiaries in 2017.

You can read our full analysis of the 2016 Medicare Trustees Report here.

Please consider making a donation now to help us keep the pressure on Congress. Your continued support is essential to the National Committee’s mission of protecting your earned benefits.

Bad Bills

The National Committee applauds members of the House Ways and Means Committee for not moving forward on H.R. 711, the“Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act of 2015.” While the bill reflects good intentions with regards to improving the accuracy of the computation of Social Security benefits for retirees who are subject to the current-law Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), we’re concerned these improvements are being paid for with cuts in benefits to other Social Security retirees who are not currently effected by WEP.

The unintended consequences of this bill would have threatened benefits for many to improve benefits for a few. The National Committee believes it’s important to simplify and improve WEP for millions of teachers, firefighters and federal, state and local government workers and we look forward to working with Congress to resolve this difficult issue.

Read more about why we opposed this bill here.


Take Our Poll

This week the Republican National Convention took place in Cleveland, Ohio where Republican leaders have been unveiling their Party’s platform. The Democrats will get their turn to unveil their Party’s platform next week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The National Committee is listening closely to what the candidates have to say about Social Security and Medicare and we’ll alert our members and supporters when these programs are mentioned as part of either Party’s platform.

Of course we know Social Security and Medicare are important to you and your family, but sometimes that concern is not fully appreciated by the candidates. So I want to know what you think, as we continue to inch closer to Election Day, “Do you believe Social Security and Medicare will become major issues during the presidential campaign?”

Click here to take our poll.


Ask Us

Ask Us

Did you know that a team of experts in the field of Social Security policy is available to answer your questions about benefits? For nearly 35 years, the National Committee has been helping thousands of our members and supporters with a broad range of concerns on Social Security.

Whether you’re currently retired or approaching retirement, the National Committee’s “Ask Us”section can help answer your questions about Social Security. You can either search our archives for valuable advice on a broad range of concerns atwww.ncpssm.org/AskUs or email your question toaskus@ncpssm.org.

This week’s question is:

We know that every day people who have worked for 20 or more years die before reaching 65. What happens to all of that money?

Click here to read the answer.

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