John Lewis Voting Rights Act

 Kevin –

[T]he John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is essential to the protection of democracy…. It is my profound hope we will honor the legacy of my late friend Congressman John Lewis and the lives of those lost in the fight for a more perfect union by enacting this critical legislation into law.”–Fair Fight Action Founder Stacey Abrams’ Testimony before the United States Senate on April 20, 2021

Earlier today, Fair Fight Action’s Founder Stacey Abrams testified before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on voter suppression in Georgia and across the country and the need for federal voter protection legislation. During the hearing, Georgia U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff introduced Fair Fight Action’s new groundbreaking report, Georgia’s Enduring Racial Discrimination in Voting and the Urgent Need to Modernize the Voting Rights Act, into the congressional record.Leader Abrams’ testimony and Fair Fight Action’s report establish why federal voting rights legislation is so important and why Georgia must be subject to federal oversight once more.

You can watch the entire Senate Judiciary Committee hearing including Leader Abrams’ testimony and read FFA’s report, published this morning, here.The hearing and the introduction of our report into the congressional record also mark the launch of an exciting new chapter in Fair Fight Action’s fight for voting rights: a National Voting Story Collection campaign!So far this year, 47 state legislatures have introduced at least 361 bills that would make it harder to vote.

In response, Fair Fight Action is launching and will be reaching out to voters in states across the country to document the obstacles they have faced while voting. Through voters’ stories, Fair Fight Action and our partners will demonstrate to Congress the urgent need for enhanced federal voting protections to ensure all eligible voters are able to cast their vote freely and make their voices heard, like those proposed in the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the For the People Act.

We look forward to your continued support — the fight for voting rights is only heating up, and we urgently need your help. Can we count on you to:
Share and our phone banking opportunities far and wide;Sign up for a shift to call voters to document their stories;Join Leader Abrams on TOMORROW at 8:30pm ET to discuss our right to vote, the federal legislation that can protect it, and how we can use our stories to encourage Congress to support the #ForthePeopleAct and the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAdvancementAct

Thank you for all you do to support Fair Fight Action in our fight for free and fair elections.In solidarity,Fair Fight ActionHabla Español? Vaya a Fight Action

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Honor Rep. John Lewis: Pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act

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