Murder in America by police?

Dash Cam Video Released Showing Police Officer Killing Philando Castile

JUN 21, 2017

H16 castile dash cam

The dash camera video of the police killing of African-American motorist Philando Castile in Minnesota has been released, only days after police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter. The dash cam video shows Yanez pointing his gun at Castile through the driver’s side window. Castile then informs the officer that he has a gun in the car, which he was licensed to carry. In the video, you can also hear the voices of Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old young daughter, who were both inside the car.

A warning to our audience, this video is graphic.

Philando Castile: “Sir, I have to tell you, I do have a—”

Jeronimo Yanez: “OK.”

Philando Castile: “—firearm on me.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “OK. Don’t reach for it then.”

Philando Castile: “I’m not.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Don’t pull it out.”

Philando Castile: “I’m not pulling it out.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Don’t pull it out!”

Philando Castile: “I’m not—”

[multiple shots, screaming]

Diamond Reynolds: “You just killed my boyfriend! He wasn’t reaching for it!”

Philando Castile: “I wasn’t reaching!”

Diamond Reynolds: “He wasn’t reaching.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Don’t pull it out!”

Diamond Reynolds: “He wasn’t!”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Don’t move!”

Diamond Reynolds: “Oh, man. Oh, my god.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Don’t move! Don’t move!”

Diamond Reynolds: “Oh, my god. I’m shaking.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Don’t move!”

Diamond Reynolds: “Don’t move, baby.”

Jeronimo Yanez: “Code 3! Get the baby girl out of here!”

“Get the baby girl out of here!”—the words of police officer Jeronimo Yanez, screaming as the 4-year-old girl escapes from the car, after watching Philando Castile being shot seven times by Officer Yanez.

Parents of Michael Brown Settle Wrongful Death Suit with City of Ferguson, MO

JUN 21, 2017

H17 michael brown

And in Ferguson, Missouri, the parents of Michael Brown have settled their wrongful death lawsuit with the city of Ferguson over the murder of their son by white police officer Darren Wilson in 2014. Michael Brown was 18 years old and unarmed when officer Wilson shot him dead and then left his body to lie in the street for over four hours. The settlement is sealed, which means the terms will not be made public.


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